Apartment Staging Can Turn Browsers into Renters

Contemporary living room staged to attract renters

Grow your renter base by showcasing apartment spaces that are staged with stylish furnishings and décor. There are many benefits to apartment staging when it comes to persuading browsers to rent. Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and serves Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we walk you through how apartment staging with rental furniture can help to attract renters.

Apartment Staging Entices Browsers  

One of the biggest ways that apartment staging can influence browsers into renting is simply making it easier to visualize. People are more apt to see themselves living in a space that already shows potential. Sure, an empty apartment might offer potential, but it is much easier for most people to envision that potential by seeing the ways that it could be utilized.

Apartment staging also makes a space feel much more inviting and comfortable, whereas an empty apartment can feel sterile and unwelcoming. Individuals who are browsing for a place to live are usually looking for a place that feels like home, and apartment staging can help make that feeling possible.

Landlords can make their rentals feel more cozy and enticing by staging them with things like:

  • Soft, neutral color schemes
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Throw blankets and pillows
  • Realistic décor like candles, books, plants
  • Throw rugs and area rugs
  • Curtains or drapes

These are just a few tips for creating a pleasant and attractive space in your rental unit. It can be helpful to stick to the basics by going for neutral shades and muted color tones. This is because it is more appealing to various style preferences and personalities to go for a simplistic look instead of bright shades or abstract styles.

With a few furniture pieces and some light décor, your apartment will be drawing in renters before you know it. If you are located in the Harrisburg, PA, area and are feeling stuck on how to stage your space, consider the custom staging program at Interior Furniture Resources.

Tips for Staging a Rental Space

Apartment staging is proven to be an efficient way to draw in renters quickly. However, if you’ve never staged your rental property before, you may be looking for some guidance. When it comes to staging, renting apartment furniture could be your best bet. There is little reason for landlords to buy brand-new furniture to stage a rental space. Rental furniture, on the other hand, allows landlords to use the rental pieces for as long as they are needed, without committing to a large investment.

When choosing your rental pieces or figuring out how to lay everything out, consider the following:

Show off the Best Features

Each space is different, and some may have special features that could be a big selling point. Decorate and furnish your space in a way that compliments the best of the apartment’s features. For example, if your space has a really beautiful balcony view, you may want to spend more time styling that area.

Keep it Tidy

No matter how nicely furnished and staged your space might be, cleanliness should be your top priority. Potential renters are far more likely to fall in love with a space that is tidy, dust-free, and clean.

Accessorize – But Don’t Overdo It

A few extra touches can really complete the space and create a charming atmosphere. For instance, you can accessorize by adding a few throw pillows or blankets to dress up the couch and bed. Alternatively, add a vase of flowers to the coffee table or place a decorative figure on the top of a dresser.

Regardless of the color scheme or theme that you choose to go with, a great property-staging-for-beginners tip to remember is to make it feel livable. A space full of life is a space full of potential.

Utilizing Rental Furniture for Staging

Rental furniture provides you with the opportunity to swap out your furniture choices often, instead of having to commit fully to one or two styles of furniture for all your properties. Interior Furniture Resources offers options to rent by package, as well, which can make the process much simpler and hassle-free. Landlords and property owners near Harrisburg, PA, should look no further than Interior Furniture Resources for their apartment staging rental needs. For additional information on rental packages and apartment staging, contact us today.