Custom Staging Program

Custom Staging Program


Our home staging services can be completely customized! Whether you are trying to sell a smaller home, or a newly constructed luxury home, we have solutions that can be tailored to fit your individual needs and budget. Think of home staging as the last investment you’ll have to make in order to sell your property!

Our designers will work with you to make sure your home shows to its greatest advantage with:

  • Beautiful rental furniture for home staging, for every room and spacehouzz portfolio
  • Bedroom linens, top of bed and accessories
  • Bathroom linens and accessories
  • Kitchen and dining accessories and place settings
  • Trees, floor plants and floral arrangements
  • Unique home accent pieces
  • Wall art, wall sculptures and mirrors
  • Lighting, area rugs and more
  • Advisory services for the selection of countertops, lighting fixtures, tile and carpets, wallpaper and paint, cabinets, hardware and more

Benefits of Home Staging

Wondering about the reasons to stage a home for sale? In a word: profit. Studies repeatedly show that homes staged by professionals sell more quickly and for more money. According to, 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less for up to 17% more. Similarly, 49 percent of realtors report that staging has a positive impact on buyers, with up to 10 percent of buyers offering a higher purchase price.

It’s a well-known fact that staging a home for sale can create a positive and memorable first impression on buyers. It can also improve the marketing of your home by producing better photos for your online listing, advertising and social media outlets. In addition, staging protects your privacy and puts fewer of your personal belongings at risk for damage during showings.

While staging your home, aesthetics is everything. You want to create spacious, clean and inviting spaces, maximize the positive features of your home and minimize anything that might not appeal to your target market. Home staging through IFR can do exactly that.

5 Basic Steps for Staging Your Home

After addressing the physical needs of your house, here are five basic steps to follow in staging your house for a quick sale:

  • De-clutter: One professional stager puts it this way: “If you won’t see it in a high-scale hotel room, put it away.”
  • Pare Down: As always, less is more. With less furniture, the rooms look larger.
  • Depersonalize: Store your personal belongings, family photos and other special touches.
  • Reposition the furniture: This is an area that especially benefits from a designer or professional stager. Which arrangement shows off each room to its best advantage?
  • Change the lighting: You may want to put in brighter or softer lightbulbs depending on the area. You may even want to consider new lamps to highlight a special area.

How does Custom Home Staging Work?

If you have an idea of what you need for your space, or are already working with a designer, we can complete most of the process over the phone, and using email. Our consultants can guide you through the entire process of selecting coordinating pieces that will work within your space and provide you with an accurate quote while keeping your budget in mind.

For larger homes that require a more tailored approach, an initial consultation will be scheduled with one of our experienced consultants to answer your questions, evaluate your specific needs and to view the property itself if necessary. Alternatively, our designers can create a vision for your property sight-unseen using floor plans or room dimensions and photographs. This option is especially convenient for builders, when they’re making plans to stage a home that has not yet been constructed.

At Interior Furniture Resources, we also offer the option of purchasing rental furniture for home staging, in addition to a wide range of accessories for your property. This could make more financial sense if you’ll be staging the property for a very long time, such as in the case of a model apartment or model home for a large, luxury home community.

If you’re unsure which option would best suit your individual situation, please call us. We’re happy to assist in any way we can. Our commitment to you is always the same: we promise competitive prices, prompt responses to your inquiries, superior quality furnishings and a flexible, experienced design team to guide you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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