Home Staging Furniture for Rent

Home Staging Furniture for Rent


Home Staging – Comprehensive Services, proven results.

Home staging is the best-proven method to ensure that a home sells quickly and for the best price possible in today’s market. First impressions are important, and staging a home will make the property stand out and help potential buyers visualize ownership as they take their tour. This emotional connection is vital, and it is the first step toward a sale! Remember, buyers want a home, not just a house.

What Home Staging Does for Yousoldsignsmaller

  • It allows buyers to feel an emotional connection with the home
  • It gives buyers a frame of reference as to the size of the rooms in the home
  • It capitalizes on the positive aspects and minimizes any negatives
  • It highlights the possibilities open to buyers if they were to purchase
  • It makes the property stand out above the rest and gets you top dollar
  • It WORKS! Homes that are staged SELL!

Whether you are a builder or developer looking to stage a completely vacant show home, or a real estate agent or owner looking to refresh a home that is currently lived in, you can rely on the staging professionals at IFR to furnish the home efficiently, effectively, and beautifully. As always, value, service and satisfaction are guaranteed!

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Renting Furniture for Staging Houses or Model Homes

Renting rather than buying furniture for home staging makes the most sense. You want temporary furniture you can use in the house only until it’s sold. Perhaps you’ve already moved to a new home, and have taken all of your furnishings along with you. Studies show that furnished homes sell far more quickly than ones that are completely vacant. Investing in home staging will benefit you and your wallet in the long run.

It makes little sense to buy the furniture for the home staging. This furniture isn’t being used for anything other than show, and to help a potential buyer visualize how they would live in a space.

Another advantage to using IFR for home staging is the cost savings. Buying new furniture can really add up. It’s expensive, especially if you’re only planning to use the new beds or tables to set the mood. By renting instead of buying your home staging furniture, you get pieces you can afford, and that you don’t have to move after a house is sold. In fact, you’ll likely be able to rent a larger number of pieces for a smaller price than you would have gotten if you’d bought the furniture for your house or model home.

Furniture Staging Companies Know What It Takes to Sell

When it comes to home staging, Interior Furniture Resources gives you options. If you are looking for a straight-forward, value-priced way to stage a home, you can utilize our complete furniture packages, or room packages from our designer coordinated collections.

Or, if you require a more personalized approach, our interior design specialists are eager to assist you in selecting options that can include everything from furniture, area rugs, accessories, artwork, eclectic accents, florals, table settings, and more! Select from one of the options below to begin!