How to Create Space for Guests in a Student Apartment

Guess what? Your friends and family are coming for a visit! While you’re certain to be excited at the thought of reconnecting, you look around your small living space and start to feel a bit wary. How on earth are you going to provide them with guest bed solutions and other amenities that are practical, functional and comfortable, especially on a limited budget?

Fortunately, comfortable guest bed options for small spaces are available. You often have to get a little creative, but that’s part of being a good host. Check out these guest bed ideas and open your doors with welcoming arms to all your overnight visitors.

Guest Bed Solution #1: Plan Ahead and Invest in Convertible Furniture                      

Plenty of furniture manufacturers offer sofas, ottomans, loveseats, chairs and more that can double as beds. The same goes for futons or day beds. These types of convertible furniture pieces will meet your needs for day-to-day living while also providing guest sleeping solutions.

Guest Bed Solution #2: Purchase Inflatable Beds

You’ve certainly seen those inflatable beds, and if you have a little floor space to spare on a regular basis, they provide an excellent temporary sleeping answer. However, always measure out your rooms in your small apartment — the last thing you want is to buy an inflatable bed that doesn’t fit. Also, to make the inflatable bed seem a little less rustic, you can invest in inexpensive, cozy bedding.

Guest Bed Solution #3: Rent Furniture Temporarily

Let’s say you have a spare room in your small apartment — lucky you — that you use as a homework or office space. You can always rent a single or double bed specifically for your overnight guests. While this might not make sense if your guests are only staying for a night or two, it’s perfect if they’re going to be with you for a week or longer.

Other Considerations for Your Overnight Guests

Of course, a place to rest is only part of the battle when prepping for people to share your modest space. You also have to think about their needs in terms of privacy and down time. Below are some additional ways to make them feel like they’re at a posh hotel:

  • Lay out their linens. If they’re staying at your apartment, they’re going to be using your bathroom. Give them linens so they don’t have to constantly ask where to get a face towel, bath towel or wash cloth.
  • Give access to food. Make sure they realize that your home is their home. Show them where all the food is, and encourage them to help themselves. Otherwise, they might feel like they have to come to you even if they just want a cup of yogurt or bottle of water.
  • Provide a WiFi password. Be like the best possible hotel manager and anticipate their needs, including having a WiFi password handy. Write it down on a card, and give it to them when they arrive.
  • Turn their bedroom area into a more relaxed atmosphere. Normally, guests stay in the living areas, which are typically busier and filled with interruptions. Try to make your living room spaces seem less hectic by making sure that they feel comfortable. You might even want to buy or rent a privacy screen.
  • Offer them your bedroom space. Not sure that your guests are going to feel at ease in a temporary bed? You might want to let them use your bed. If you’re comfortable with this arrangement, you may find it simpler — as long as you don’t mind sleeping on a sofa or day bed.
  • Turn the thermostat to their liking. This can be tough , but it will make your guests’ experiences much more comfortable. Allow them to control the thermostat, and try not to fight. Yes, it can be difficult when you’re hosting someone with far different temperature preferences, but it’s usually the right thing to do as a host.
  • Give them a place to store their luggage. Where will your guests put their clothes? Could you clean out one of your dresser drawers, or make room in a closet? Although most overnight guests don’t mind living out of a bag, providing them a space to hang up or fold and put away their items will keep the rest of your living area as clutter-free as possible.
  • Free up some outlets. You know your guests are going to want to plug in their devices and chargers, so either unplug one of your devices or buy a secure extension cord.
  • Clean the whole place. As a last recommendation, be sure that you give your small apartment a once-over with the vacuum and some cleaning products. Clear out any clutter or unnecessary items to make your home as spacious as possible. Your guests don’t want to arrive only to find a home-away-from-home in need of a maid’s assistance.

To give your guests what they need for overnight accommodations, start to think like they do. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it becomes to turn your small apartment into a hosting oasis when you plan ahead.

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