Student Housing Furniture Rental in PA & MD

Student Housing Furniture Rental in PA & MD

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Central PA & MD Student Housing Furniture Rental

Heading off to college marks an exciting transition in your life. It’s a time to learn new things, become more comfortable on your own, explore the world and gain confidence in your independence. One especially thrilling aspect of going away to school is getting your first apartment. You will have a lot of choices to make about furnishing that new apartment, and student furniture rental is a smart and affordable way to do it.

IFR offers furniture rental for students’ apartments that can be customized to meet your needs. These student furniture rental packages include high-quality products your parents will appreciate, too. Temporary housing shouldn’t mean subpar furnishings. When you choose IFR for your college student furniture rental, you’ll get stylish and attractive pieces that will enhance your apartment.

The best part is, we make it easy to find furniture for college students.

Flexible Furniture Options for Students

You’ll be impressed with the versatility of these pieces. You can use your student rental furniture to entertain guests in your home, with our dining tables and sofas. You can add an additional chest to your bedroom if you need more storage space for your clothing or a place to put last semester’s books. You even get a full headboard with your bedroom furniture rental. That’s something you won’t see with other student furniture packages on campus, where the dorms offer only the bare-bones options.

IFR’s flexibility comes from years of experience, imparting a deeper understanding of what college students want and need in their furniture. It’s important to give you an enjoyable experience the first time you undertake a big task like furniture rental.

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Keeping It Simple

Our warehouse-select “Student Exclusive” rental furniture package has only what you need, and nothing you don’t. You get three rooms of quality furniture for one low monthly payment, with the ability to add á-la-carte items or upgrades as you like. Sharing your apartment with a roommate? No problem! Adding another bedroom is a simple way to accommodate their needs, as well. Place your order, and we’ll have everything in place for when you arrive. No heavy lifting required! This is college furniture rental made easy.

Benefits of Renting Furniture for Students

Renting furniture puts you in control of your budget – you pick the furnishings to find a price that’s right for you. Renting furniture costs only a small fraction of what you would have to pay to purchase new furniture. College furniture rental also gives you more attractive and stylish options than what you may be able to pick up secondhand or free.

Renting furniture for college apartments also saves money by avoiding moving costs. You’ll save yourself the hassle and large expense of renting a truck and the heavy lifting that’s required when move furniture yourself. Instead, you can arrive at your student residence with everything in place, and at the end of your lease, we’ll will pick it up for you. It’s that easy!

Roommate-Friendly College Student Furniture Rentals

With this student furniture rental option, you keep costs low and also eliminate potential conflicts with your roommates at the end of the term. No one will argue over who gets to take a piece of furniture home, because it’s going back to IFR. You can all pay equally for your desks, chairs, beds and more. Plus, no one is stuck fronting the money for a furniture purchase, only to become frustrated when the others forget to pay them back.

Gain Real-World Experience with Student Apartment Furniture

College only lasts for so long. In a few years, you’ll be heading into the real world and getting an apartment of your own. Most college students who have lived in dorm rooms where their furniture is assigned to them have no idea how to furnish an apartment or how much they need to pay attention to issues such as furniture size or placement.

When you rent furniture from IFR for your college apartment, you develop these essential life skills. You’ll be more comfortable making decisions on furniture for your future homes, whether they’re condominiums or split levels. You’ll also develop your own sense of style. You’ll see which colors you like together and which patterns look nice against a neutral background. You’ll save money by picking the right furniture the first time. For students who live in already-furnished rooms during college, it will take much longer to harness their personal style.

Flexible Leasing Terms & Transportation

Most students return home during the summer months, eliminating the need for student housing during that time. At IFR, we understand and offer flexible college furniture rental terms that complement your individual circumstances. Rent for as long or as short a time as you need. Flexible delivery and pickup options mean we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your schedule, and you can even arrange for another person to grant us access to the rental unit, saving you valuable time and allowing you to concentrate on making other necessary arrangements for your move.

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Apartment Locator Service

Haven’t found that perfect place to call “home” during your schooling? We can help! Allow our experienced rental agents match you with housing providers that are close to your university and offer all the amenities you want. Why spend hours searching for student housing online or on the telephone? Let us make your move hassle- and headache-free! This valuable service is offered free-of-charge to any student in need of assistance within our delivery area.

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Taking Care of the Furniture You Rent

The simplest way to protect the furniture you rent is to keep it clean. Each type of furniture requires its own cleaning technique. According to Angie’s List, regular dusting and vacuuming will go a long way toward keeping up with the furniture. In general, the experts suggest that you:

  • Attack spills and stains immediately. Blot them up — don’t rub.
  • Vacuum thoroughly, including the cracks and crevices and beneath the cushions.
  • Read the furniture tags and use the correct cleaning product. Always consult us if you’re unsure of how to proceed.
  • Know what kind of stains you’re trying to remove so you can address it most effectively.
  • Brush microfiber upholstery before you vacuum it.
  • Don’t use a feather duster on wood, since it can leave scratches.
  • Never use anything on acrylics that isn’t designed specifically to clean plastics. No commercial glass cleaners.
  • Even if you’re using the “right” cleaner, test it on a hidden spot for discoloration first.
  • Keep all types of furniture out of extreme heat, excessive humidity or direct sunlight.
  • Keep the use of water to a minimum when cleaning furniture.

Good maintenance of the rental furniture ensures you won’t lose your security deposit for preventable damages. If you’re ever unsure on how to properly clean an item you’re renting, please call us before attempting to use any specialty stain removers, solvents or any other method or product that could potentially cause damage. We’re here to help!