Need to Furnish a Temporary Office While Seeking a Permanent Spot?

A temporary modern office with many workstationsThere are many reasons that a temporary office may become necessary, such as relocation, construction, or maintenance. Creating a positive and comfortable space, even if it may just be short-term, can be beneficial for your employees. Interior Furniture Resources is a furniture rental company in Harrisburg, PA, serving Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we discuss how office furniture rental can be helpful in temporary office situations.

Setting Up a Temporary Office

Transitioning into a temporary workspace can be draining on your employees. For this reason, you might consider furnishing your temporary space to make things feel a bit more comfortable.

Even though it may be temporary, you can still create an office set-up that feels functional and comfortable for the time being. Depending on how long you will be in your temporary office space, you can furnish it lightly, or for something more long-term, you may want to go a bit heavier on the furnishings. A few things to keep in mind when setting up this space include: 

Provide Spacious Work Areas

While a folding table and some chairs might be the easy route for a short-term space, desks and a few large conference tables will make all the difference for your employees. Individuals will feel better working in a space that feels a little bit more put-together. For employees who work together as part of their job, a spacious conference table with comfortable seating is a great option. Desks are also a great way to make the space feel more comfortable, offering employees a space to call their own and store a few personal items.

Offer Comfortable Office Furniture

Ergonomic office chairs and comfortable seating options, like a couch for the break room or a few cushioned seats, can make employees feel more at ease. Working in a temporary space is stressful enough but providing a comfortable place for employees to sit back and take their breaks can help them relax yet remain productive.

Add Décor, Lighting, and Other Accents

Decorating, as you would in a permanent office space, may not be the best choice in a temporary office, but some simple décor that is easy to put up and take down can help brighten up the space. Simple décor, such as a few faux plants or paintings, can help make things feel less sterile and bland.

Since office furniture affects productivity in the workplace, it is essential to provide employees with a comforting and welcoming office space, no matter how long you’ll be at the location.

Cost-Effective, Temporary Workplaces With Office Furniture Rentals

If you are putting together an office space that will be for short-term use, you are probably searching for inexpensive solutions. Using office furniture rentals can be the perfect choice for making a non-permanent workspace feel more comfortable. With office furniture rental options, you’ll spend much less than you would if you were to buy the furniture outright. Additionally, rentals are perfect for situations like this one, where you’ll be moving soon and will no longer need the extra items.

At Interior Furniture Resources, we provide a wide array of office furniture rentals, including pieces such as:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Conference tables
  • File cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Sofas
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Light fixtures
  • And more…

Count on Interior Furniture Resources for Your Rental Needs

Individuals in the Harrisburg, PA, area who are looking for office furniture rentals for their temporary office or another space can rely on our experienced team for assistance. We serve Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. There are many benefits of renting for your office space with Interior Furniture Resources. The best part about renting your office furniture is the fact that it will be directly delivered to you, and then picked up when no longer in use. You can also choose your renting duration and may switch out pieces whenever you wish. To learn more, contact us today for additional information.