Why a Furnished Apartment Is the Smart Option

A Furnished Apartment

Renting a furnished apartment is a wonderful opportunity to move into a space without having to put in the work of shopping for furniture – or hauling your own – and designing the overall layout from scratch. The furniture provided in the space makes moving simple and can serve as a baseline for decorating the area just the way you like. Interior Furniture Resources serves customers throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we discuss apartments with included houseware rentals and why they’re a great choice for many renters.

What’s Included in a Furnished Apartment?

Moving into your apartment is so much easier when it comes with all of the furnishings you need. Most furnished apartments include the basic essentials and sometimes a few extras. They typically come with furniture in the main areas of the house, including a couch, coffee table, and end tables in the living room as well as a dining table and chairs, and some basic kitchen essentials, in the eating area. The bedroom typically is equipped with a bed, dresser, nightstand, and lighting. Each furnished apartment can differ in what is included, but renters usually can count on having the main pieces in each room.

Make Moving into an Apartment a Breeze

It can be quite the process to get moved into a new apartment. Sometimes it takes weeks or even longer before everything arrives and is arranged to your liking. Moving into an apartment that is already furnished is an excellent way to make your move quicker and easier. All of the big things and heavy furniture pieces are already in place and ready for you to make yourself at home.

The best part is that when the time comes for you to move out, you don’t need to worry about taking all those bulky items with you. Renting a furnished apartment is the easiest and most convenient way to move into a new place and enjoy a hassle-free transition.

Customizing Your Apartment

Before moving into your new place, take stock of what rental furniture is there and what you’ll need to bring of your own. Keep in mind that you’re welcome to bring smaller appliances and décor to make the apartment feel cozy. For instance, you may want to bring things such as:

  • Linens: Renters typically need to bring their own linens, such as bedding and towels. You also can add your favorite throw pillows and blankets in the living room to make the décor pop.
  • Kitchen essentials: Although some furnished apartments provide a few main appliances, it’s usually best to plan on bringing your own smaller appliances, utensils, and dinnerware. You may want to pack your favorite coffee mugs, a blender, and a coffeemaker or tea kettle.
  • Decorative pieces: Adding mementos and keepsakes to your furnished apartment can help it feel more personal. Framed pictures of friends and family, your favorite books, vases, and wall art are all some great items to take with you to your new place.

Find a Furnished Apartment

Whether you’re a professional who’s working in a new town for a limited time or a college student who’s looking for off-campus housing, furnished apartments that are equipped with the essentials can be the ideal solution. At Interior Furniture Resources, a leading provider of houseware rentals, we can help you find your next apartment in the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, or West Virginia areas. Contact us today to get started.