Where Do Home Stagers Get Their Furniture?

Home stager arranging and decorating the living roomIn marketing a home or commercial space, staging is essential to help buyers see the potential of each room. Staging involves artfully arranging tasteful furniture to highlight how a room can be used without overwriting the buyer’s vision of their future uses for the space. Great home staging helps buyers envision how they might use the space in alignment or contrast with the way each room is staged. However, the most important piece of the puzzle is the furniture itself. Where do home stagers get the furniture to create beautiful arrangements that they’ll need for just a few weeks at most?

At Interior Furniture Resources, we work with home stagers throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Home stagers typically have a few tricks up their sleeves when arranging an attractive space. Let’s dive into the secrets of the trade.

Sourcing Temporary, Stylish Furniture On Demand

Staging requires temporary, stylish furniture on the seller’s schedule. This means an on-demand selection of readily available pieces that can perfectly complete the look for each room. Stagers prefer light and slender furniture that is easy to arrange and makes the room look bigger when arranged.

Stagers need to be able to envision the best use for each space, then promptly acquire the furniture before the house or office space can be photographed and toured. The best way to do this is with a repository of stylish furniture nearby, and the best source of temporary furniture in a wide range of styles can be found with local furniture rentals. While stagers sometimes have a secret stash of throw pillows and neutral artwork, the furniture itself is typically rented.

Staging With Short-Term Furniture Rental

Furniture rental is there when you need it, and we can quickly take back the furniture when the job is done. Stagers enjoy furniture rental because it’s easy to match the style of each house with a new set of furniture at a much lower price and hassle compared to buying, collecting, or constantly reselling staging pieces.

Home stagers can pick whole living room sets and beautiful bed frames that are worlds better than “thrown together” home staging. Stagers can then send the furniture back when a house is successfully sold, with no strings attached.

Occasional Owner Items

Lastly, sometimes stagers use items that belong to the home seller. You can potentially “live stage” a house being lived in using all the seller’s current furniture, but it’s often best just to use one or two pieces that may be perfect for the space. If the owner has an ideal couch for an unusual nook or a great set of bookcases, stagers will occasionally use these pieces in addition to furniture rental.

Storage Locker of Staging & Showing Supplies

What stagers don’t rent, they often collect. It is also quite common for home stagers to keep a growing collection of smaller decor pieces and props that help turn furniture sets into homey, inspiring visions. You may discover that a stager has a secret treasure trove of throw pillows in various color schemes, framed paintings, artful vases and bowls, and even little things like dishware, hand towels, and nicely bound books that make a house feel like a home when it’s staged.

These are the things that pair perfectly with rented furniture to turn a well-chosen decor style into an immersive tour of a home-to-be for future buyers.

Do Your Own Staging With Furniture Rentals From Interior Furniture Resources

Are you interested in becoming a professional stager or in DIY staging your own space? Furniture rental is the trick up the sleeve of every stager. If you have an eye for arrangement, color, and composition, you can pick rental furniture sets to stage any house for sale, room for let, or commercial space for lease. Interior Furniture Resources also has interior design experts ready to consult so you can kick-start your staging efforts with help from an expert eye.

The Interior Furniture Resources would be proud to become your go-to source for staging furniture rentals throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. We’re here to help whether you’re staging one home or building a local staging career. Contact us today to get started.