Create The Perfect Vacation Rental Home By Using Houseware Rentals

Beach House Interior At Seashore With Beautiful Sea View

It can be costly to furnish a vacation rental home with brand-new furniture and décor pieces but utilizing houseware rentals can reduce costs and avoid additional or unnecessary expenses. With these tips and tricks, you can learn how to create an inviting and personalized space for anyone who stays in your rental while discovering the benefits of renting furniture. Interior Furniture Resources serves customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we walk you through what to consider when furnishing a vacation home with rental furniture pieces.

Create A Theme Or Color Scheme

One of the first steps in designing your vacation rental is figuring out a central theme or color scheme to display throughout the home. This may differ for each room, but generally, you should plan out the theme for each area in the house before adding accessories or furniture. This can make choosing the furniture and decoration pieces a breeze, as you may already know what colors and styles to select.

Some things to think about when deciding on a theme or color scheme include:

Incorporating The Environment

When furnishing a rental home that doubles as a vacation place, incorporating themes of the environment can make your space stand out. For instance, if your home is by the beach, you may want to go with a nautical theme. Or maybe your rental is in the mountains, and you want to capture a lodge theme. You also can decorate and furnish the space with colors that highlight the environment, such as different shades of blue if near the ocean. Whatever the area might be, decorating your rental accordingly can make the house serve as a vacation destination rather than another familiar home.

Sticking To The Basics

You should select simple colors and patterns that appeal to the vast majority of people, avoiding abstract patterns or designs that may be too noisy. It’s also important to separate your personal style choices from your rental design to create a neutral space. Be sure to stay away from wall hangings with family photos or personal memories. Instead, you can decorate your walls with artwork or photography that is non-personal. This ensures that you are filling wall space, which can help make the spot feel homey and appeal to a variety of people. Sticking to the basics is a great way to keep travelers relaxed and create an atmosphere that is not obstructive or invasive.

If you are lacking inspiration on how to plan out your vacation rental theme, you can explore our design services to receive some assistance. The team at Interior Furniture Resources can work with you to curate a style that matches your vibe and environment.

Think About The Types Of Visitors In The Area

Vacation property owners can start sprucing up their space by considering the location of their home rental and the overall type of crowd that may be drawn there. Studying the types of guests who visit can be a good way to cater to travelers. By researching age groups who often travel to your town, you can ensure your home design will suit most of your guests. Some common examples of guests and the ways they might use your home rental include:

  • Families: If your vacation rental is in a location that families commonly visit, you want to have plenty of seating in the living room. You should also have a good number of beds (including bedroom spaces for kids to sleep). You may want to make your property “kid-friendly” by avoiding fragile or delicate décor that can easily break or become damaged.
  • Couples: Some areas draw in specific visitors, such as couples. If your home is in a spot that appeals to couples, you should create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Add some comfy throw blankets and some mood lighting.
  • Retired travelers: If your home is in an area that draws in older adults or retired couples, you should design a space that is easy to navigate. You also should ensure your home has the proper appliances, such as wheelchairs or security devices.

Enhance Your Vacation Rental Home With Houseware Rentals

Discover a variety of furniture styles for rent at Interior Furniture Resources. We allow customers to choose the length of their rental with the option to extend their lease if desired. Houseware rentals make the furnishing process convenient since furniture is delivered straight to the home, and renting is cost-effective with no unwanted commitments. We serve customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you are searching for houseware rentals to create the perfect vacation home, contact Interior Furniture Resources today.