Tips for Temporary Relocation

Moving Boxes

When most people move, they typically plan to settle down in a location for years. However, under certain circumstances, temporary accommodations may be necessary. Temporary relocation offers a convenient and appealing solution for those who need it, but this can still be a very stressful time. At Interior Furniture Resources, we specialize in providing rental furniture and helping transitions feel as smooth as possible. Here, we explore some top tips on temporarily relocating and how our monthly furniture rental services can assist.

Making Your Temporary Move Stress-Free

Just like any move, temporarily relocating brings obstacles to overcome. This can be accomplished by wise planning to help prevent unexpected problems from occurring. A few key things to keep in mind:

Choose Your Temporary Home Wisely

Before you move, it’s important to do your research. Take the time to weigh your options when it comes to temporary housing. By doing so, you can ensure yourself a relaxing stay while in a new state or city. Possible housing options include:

  • Hotels
  • Vacation rentals
  • Corporate housing
  • Rental properties

Take Care of Essential Details Before the Big Move

While you’re busy trying to remember to pack everything, it is easy to forget other critical details. There are some things you’ll want to take care of before you begin loading boxes onto the truck, such as:

  • Updating your address with the post office to receive important documents and mail
  • Notifying your friends and family of where you’ll be staying
  • Cancelling subscriptions you won’t need
  • Paying your bills and other financial obligations beforehand
  • Asking for help with the move in advance

Take With You Only What You Absolutely Need

Because you’re only relocating temporarily, you do not need to bring everything you own. Your best option is to take only what you’ll need during this short time. When deciding what to pack, consider the following:

  • How long your temporary living situation will last
  • The climate of your new location
  • The amount of space you’ll have in your new residence
  • What items will be available for use in your temporary space

Consider Storing Items That Didn’t Make the Move

If the reason you’re temporarily relocating is that your current arrangement is no longer livable, then you may want to store your non-essential items in a secure storage unit. This will provide a safe place for them while you’re away until you have room to house them again.

What about Furniture?

Not all short-term residences come fully furnished. In this case, having your existing furniture and purchasing new furniture are both costly options. Renting allows you to enjoy the benefits of a fully furnished home without having to break the bank to do it.

Consult With Interior Furniture Resources

At Interior Furniture Resources, we offer flexible renting terms ideal for those who are relocating temporarily. Our great selection of items will give your temporary space a homey feel, providing you with a stress-free environment during your stay. Our home furniture rental service caters to clients across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. For more information about our monthly furniture rentals and how it works, please contact us today.