Furniture Rentals for Students

Furniture Rentals for Students

Furniture Rentals for Students

Going off to college marks an exciting time in any young person’s life. It’s a chance to get out on your own and experience the world independently, usually for the first time. While you’ll always love returning back to your home, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of living in your own place.

Of course, finding student housing and furnishing your new place can be challenging. That’s why IFR offers two helpful services for students:

  • A student apartment locator, which helps you search the area around apartment finder serviceyour school for a space that’s within your budget and has all the features you desire 
  • Student furniture rental packages, including beds, couches, tables and more, delivered to you and moved into your living space at affordable prices.

Why You Need Help Finding Student Housing

Finding student apartments in Central PA isn’t always easy. Some areas offer limited options, while others may be well over your modest budget. It’s invaluable to have a way to sort through these selections and find only the ones you can afford that are also close to campus.

Our rental agents can sort through all the temporary student housing options for you, saving you time and unnecessary visits to places that are out of your price range or too small for your needs.

The Benefits of Renting Furniture

Most college students are all about saving money. Renting furniture represents the smartest financial option when it comes to furnishing your student housing. The advantages of renting versus buying include:

  • Making it easier to move in and out: IFR delivers furniture to your new home, allowing you to relax and enjoy instead of hauling it yourself. When you’re ready to move out, just let us know and we’ll return to pick it up.
  • Allowing you to save for later: Student housing tends to be small, and that means your furniture selection is limited. Rather than buying to fit the space you have now, renting allows you to save money for buying furniture later when you have more space and more options.
  • Leaving furniture at home: Unless you live right down the road from your college housing, which most students do not, it can be expensive and time-consuming to move your furniture from home to your apartment. Renting furniture will save you the aggravation and expense of transportation.
  • Speed of delivery: When you rent from IFR, your furniture is delivered quickly. You can furnish your living space in much less time than it would take to transport furniture from home.
  • Color selection: IFR offers a fun color palette for our Student package, which you can change each year depending on your taste.

Make Your Life Easier With IFR

Whether you’re a freshman arriving for your first term or a senior considering your post-grad options, you have a lot on your plate as a college student. Eliminate the need to find student housing and furniture from that list. When you come to IFR, we’ll do the leg-work for you, freeing up your time for studying and all the fun extras you enjoy at college.

Let IFR handle your housing and furnishing needs. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.