Staging a Rental Office

Staging a Rental Office

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A rental office space, professionally staged  If you are looking to lease a commercial office space, you will want to market your vacancy to as many people as possible to receive plenty of interest. One way landlords and building owners can accomplish this goal is with office staging. Located in Harrisburg, PA, and serving Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia, Interior Furniture Resources offers professional staging services designed for a variety of spaces, including commercial offices and co-working environments. Learn more about the process and why you should consider our office staging services.

What Is Office Staging?

Staging is a technique used by landlords and property owners in which furnishings and accent pieces are temporarily showcased in a vacant space. The purpose of staging is to highlight a space’s features and maximize its leasing potential. Staging has been proven to increase the value of a space, helping attract greater rental interest. This increased interest may lead to vacant spaces being leased at quicker rates.

Advantages of Office Staging

Owning commercial rental property can be a lucrative asset in your real estate portfolio. However, a mistake property owners tend to make is thinking their space alone will sell itself. More so, many property owners may be under the impression that office staging isn’t worth the time and money. Given the advantages it brings, more landlords and commercial space owners should apply office staging to their current listings. Reasons to consider office staging include:

Help Prospective Tenants Visualize Themselves in Your Space

Effective office staging augments a commercial space by creating a productive environment that encourages potential tenants to envision themselves working there. Give prospective renters a better idea of how your vacant office space can benefit a possible tenant by transforming it into a functional workspace through office staging. By staging your space with workstations, artwork, and even a reception area, you are providing a visual representation of how the office could look and function for an incoming tenant.

Make Your Listing Stand Out

In today’s technology-driven society, most renters will view a property online before they decide to see it in person. After scrolling through listings endlessly, available commercial listings may begin to all look the same. Landlords can prevent this concern by making their space stand out with office staging. Photos of a staged commercial space will grab the attention of potential renters, increasing the chances they will follow up for an in-person showing.

Demonstrate the Most Valuable Features

While size matters to some tenants, more will likely be concerned with how to utilize the space. Choosing to stage your commercial space will allow you to highlight its most desirable features and demonstrate what value it brings to an incoming company. Opting to stage your office area also may enhance interest as it allows potential tenants the chance to view it as a functioning space.

How Office Staging with Interior Furniture Resources Works

Rather than purchasing office furniture and then needing to store it after a tenant moves in, we recommend renting for all your office staging needs. Interior Furniture Resources offers convenient renting terms on a wide selection of office furniture ranging in different sizes, styles, and designs. The following furniture is available for staging your space:

Once you’ve viewed our available furniture and determined what you will need to stage your space, we will begin creating your rental package. An account executive will then reach out to you to gather more information regarding your rental needs and answer any questions you may have. At this time, we will provide you with a quote and an anticipated delivery date for your office furniture rental.

Should you decide you don’t have time to browse through our catalog or would feel more comfortable having an experienced design professional handle your staging needs, Interior Furniture Resources is here for you. Our dedicated team of design experts will work closely with you and recommend pieces based on the information you provide regarding the space and your wishes.

If your needs or preferences should change at any time, Interior Furniture Resources is happy to accommodate. Simply give our helpful staff a call and we will make it easy to add or exchange anything you would like.

Stage Your Commercial Space with Help from the Experts

Landlords and commercial property owners in the Harrisburg, PA, area looking to highlight their spaces with quality furniture and expert design should call upon the office staging services of Interior Furniture Resources. We serve Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. We can maximize a space’s leasing potential by highlighting its most desirable features with tasteful and functional staging. To learn more about our services or to rent furniture, contact us today at Interior Furniture Resources.