Solving the Home Office Desk Challenge

Man working from his home office desk.

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy remote working, or you only need to work from home a couple of days a week, you know that working at the dining room table isn’t a good option. You’ve picked out a room for your home office, but you need to add furniture to make it functional. It all starts with finding the right home office desk for your needs and one option to consider is renting the items you need from Interior Furniture Resources. We are based in Harrisburg, PA, and serve Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.

You only have a limited amount of room, but your office desk must be big enough for you to do your work. Here are some things to consider to help you solve the challenge of finding the best home office desk.

Determine the Size of the Desk

Desks come in all sizes from the length and width to the height of the work area. You might want a standing desk or one that works as a sitting or standing home office desk. The desk needs to fit comfortably into the room you’re using as your home office.

It’s a good idea to measure the room before looking at desks, especially where you plan to place the desk. If you’re working with a smaller space, you’re going to need to balance the need for an adequate work surface with the smaller dimensions.

Review Your Material Options

Are you looking for a wood desk or a more modern workspace with a glass top and metal support system? If you opt for a wood desk, it’ll provide you with more durability and support for your computer and other work files.

Wood home office desks come in a variety of shades, so you can select one based on your preference. You might decide you want a light oak finish or a darker, richer wood. When you know the material you want, it makes it easier to find the right desk.

List the Features You Need in Your New Home Office Desk

Your new home office desk can come with a variety of features. You can opt for a plain desk with legs and a worktop, or you can choose a desk that has a center drawer for your pens as well as other office supplies.

If you need larger drawers for storage, this is an option for some desks. You also can find desks that have a built-in filing system in one of the side drawers. A hutch that attaches to a desk and provides additional storage and organizational space is another popular option.

Decide Whether You Need Other Office Furniture

Depending on the space available in your new home office, you might want to bring in additional furniture. If you need to keep up with a lot of paper records, a filing cabinet offers the storage space you need. A bookshelf is a great option if you need to do extensive research.

You might plan to bring clients or coworkers into your office space, and you’ll need seating available for these occasions. It might be as simple as a guest chair in front of your desk or as elaborate as a separate seating area with armchairs and a coffee table.

Choose Between Buying or Renting Home Office Furniture

Before you take the next step, you need to choose between buying or renting your home office furniture. It can be a major financial investment to outfit your home office with the furniture you need. However, renting your home office furniture makes the financial burden easier.

When you opt to rent your home office furniture, you get to try out the pieces you want. The first desk you try might not work for you, or you may find you don’t need a filing cabinet. Renting office furniture provides you with more flexibility.

Partner With Interior Furniture Resources to Rent the Home Office Furniture You Need

Once you have a little more information about the size of the desk you need and your personal preference, you can rent your home office furniture and limit your initial expenses. You can enjoy many benefits from renting the items you need for your new home office.

At Interior Furniture Resources, we can help you find exactly what you need and get it into your new home office space. Our team provides excellent customer service, and we have a large selection of home office desks and furniture. Contact us today or call us at (717) 657-3000.