Design & Installation Services

Design & Installation Services

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design-servicesFor fifty years, Interior Furniture Resources has been providing complete office furniture solutions and maintaining a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We can furnish your office from start to finish…FAST. Whether you’re moving to a new location, or expanding your business, we know that getting back to business as quickly as possible is paramount in ensuring the success of your business.

Space Planning

We take the guess-work out of furnishing your office and can provide you with practical solutions for your unique environment and business needs.. Upon request and using the latest technology, our experienced, professional office design consultants can create a 3-D conceptual lay-out, that will maximize square footage and provide a workspace that will encourage productivity and collaboration between departments and personnel.



Effortless Installation

Installation of office components could be complicated and time-consuming. Rely on our knowledgeable and experienced installation specialists to set up your entire workspace as quickly as possible, reducing down time for you and your personnel.

Improve Productivity With Office Furniture Design

Improved productivity is one of the key benefits of renting office furniture. Good office furniture and well-designed office space can play a key role in increasing employee focus and quality of work. Studies show that offices that are comfortable, functional and that provide organizational tools, help increase the efficiency of employees and ultimately improve the productivity of the workplace. The most important items to address are:

  1. The desk chair, where the employee usually sits for up to eight hours a day, is the most important consideration. Uncomfortable chairs not only can cause physical pain, but they can also lead to employee impatience, irritability, loss of focus and decreased productivity. A recent Herman Miller study found that a good office chair must provide both lumbar and pelvic support to avoid backaches, headaches, fatigue and poor concentration.
  2. The desk itself needs to be large enough to hold the work tools appropriate for each job without causing inconvenience or creating clutter. An employee searching for a document or unable to use the desk surface or computer comfortably is an employee losing time and being inefficient.
  3. Storage is the third key to a productive office. Good storage, where everything is well-organized and items are easily found and retrievable, keeps a worker productive and efficient.

Lighting is another important factor. Studies show that natural lighting helps keep employees healthier, which can have a significant positive impact on productivity. Where office windows are impossible, care needs to be taken to avoid glare on computer screens and to provide adequate lighting.

Each decision about your office design is crucial, because “every piece of furniture is going to play an important part in boosting your productivity, as well as potential.” That’s according to Murray Newlands’ “7 Reasons Why Great Office Furniture Increases Productivity.” Let us guide you through the process and assist you in making educated decisions on how to properly furnish your work space.

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