Office Design and Installation Services

Office Design and Installation Services

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When your company expands or switches locations, quickly getting back to business can be challenging. At Interior Furniture Resources, we conduct complete office furnishings at an accelerated rate to ensure your company can continue operating with little disruption. We serve homeowners and businesses in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia by providing interior design furniture rentals that meet their needs and budget.

Advanced Space Planning

Our experienced office design consultants simplify the office furnishing process by taking the guesswork out of space planning. These professionals take measurements of your existing office and offer suggestions regarding what furniture will best fit your unique environment and business needs.

Companies with complex layouts or special requirements can ask our space planning specialists to create 3-D conceptual models of their offices to determine the best design. This technology enables our design consultants to maximize square footage and develop a work environment that promotes better productivity and collaboration between employees and departments.

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Effortless Interior Design Furniture Rental Installation

Office furniture installations can be overwhelming, but our installation specialists have the knowledge and experience to set up an entire workspace while minimizing downtime for your business. After you complete your order, we will arrive at your company on the scheduled delivery date to set up your office as outlined in the plan. As we value our rental furniture, we take the utmost care when placing each piece in its desired location.

Key Furniture Pieces to Include in Office Design

One of the main reasons businesses rent office furniture is because an effective workplace design can help improve productivity. Studies have found that offices with a comfortable, functional, and organizational atmosphere can increase employee focus and boost the quality of their work. Additionally, a strategic office furnishing design can increase a business’ growth potential. Therefore, business owners should consider the following essential items when designing their office:

Desk Chairs

As most office workers sit for many hours during the day, the desk chair is arguably the most significant furniture piece for business environments. Employees need comfortable chairs to avoid losing focus or fidgeting while performing tasks. Well-built office chairs also should provide lumbar and pelvic support to mitigate headaches, backaches, or tiredness in staff members.


The ideal office desk will hold all the tools an employee needs to do their job well without creating unnecessary clutter. Workers using desks with no coherent organizational system are more likely to place files in any open space, making it challenging for other employees to locate them. Additionally, a cluttered desk can weigh a staff member down, rendering their work less efficient.

Storage Cabinets

Offices also need storage cabinets for housing shared files and resources. Like desks, filing cabinets should have an organized structure that makes it easier for employees to retrieve information while working.


Proper lighting is crucial to creating a productive workplace. Natural lighting augments employee health, which can contribute to enhanced productivity. However, desks placed too close to windows can cause glare on computer screens. Businesses must think strategically before implementing lighting fixtures in their office spaces.

Design Your Office with Interior Furniture Resources

If you need furniture to enhance the appearance and structure of your office, consider renting pieces from Interior Furniture Resources. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality furnishings and can deliver items quickly without needing to set up complex moving arrangements. If customers are ever unsatisfied with the furniture they receive, we will exchange the piece within the first week of delivery at no extra cost. Contact us today for assistance with the interior design furniture rental process or to learn more about our service in PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, and WV.

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