Office Furniture for Rent

Office Furniture for Rent

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Your office sets the tone for your business. You want a comfortable, attractive environment where clients and customers feel relaxed. You need the furniture to look elegant and current. Ripped or torn furnishings reflect poorly on your company and could send the wrong message to potential customers. You want your office to look as polished and professional as possible, which will convey the right message about your approach to all facets of your business.

Whether you’re a startup furnishing your first office or a well-established company that just wants to refresh your office space, using rental furniture can be a smart way to get the best furnishings for your business. When you rent furniture for your office, you get many benefits, including the ability to swap out different pieces, a wide selection to choose from, and better value than when you purchase used office furniture.

Many different businesses can benefit from this approach to furnishing an office. Big or small, tech-focused or retail, your company should invest in the most practical choice for office furniture, which in many cases is renting.

The Benefits of Renting Office Furniture

The biggest benefit of choosing to rent rather than buy office furniture is flexibility. When you rent, you pay only for what you need that month. You’re not outlaying a huge sum of money to buy furniture you may or may not need over the coming months. If, for instance, you buy furniture for 10 offices but you move to a new space with six offices, you’ll have four sets of furniture you wasted money buying.

Another aspect of that flexibility is the ability to get new furniture more frequently. When you buy furniture, you’re going to be paying it off for years, and it’s not practical to get something new just because styles have changed. With office furniture rentals, you can swap out pieces by trend and also rest assured the furniture will look new.

Finally, flexible delivery is another great aspect of renting office furniture. Many offices are located in a high-rise or other building with multiple floors. You don’t want to haul your new furniture upstairs by yourself. When you rent furniture, delivery services take care of that step for you.

What Type of Furniture Can You Rent for Your Office?

IFR offers just about any type of furniture for your office. You can choose from a wide variety designed to fit big or small spaces. Whatever specs you have, you can meet them through office furniture rental from a reliable store. Some of the many options you can choose from include:

  • Desks in L or U shapes, or smaller junior executive desks
  • Desk chairs and seats for your waiting room
  • Storage such as filing cabinets, bookcases and cabinets that double as wardrobes
  • Conference and training tables

What Businesses Can Use Rental Office Furniture?

Any type of business will benefit from renting office furniture. IFR can accommodate the needs of any industry with our wide selection of furniture. Renting makes an ideal option when:

  • You’re starting up a business. Most start-ups want to save money and often have small offices. When you rent furniture, you can get only what you need, meaning your other money can go to developing your offerings.
  • You’re moving offices. Instead of having to haul your furniture across town, rent new furniture that will look much better than your old, worn furnishings.
  • You’re expanding. If you just hired a bunch of new employees, you’ll need to provide them with desks, chairs and other furniture to help them do their jobs. Renting is a more economical option when you need lots of furnishings.
  • You’re downsizing. Perhaps a partner retired or you recently merged your business with another. You find a different office with a better lease, but your old furniture doesn’t fit quite right. Rent furniture to find what will enhance your space, rather than overwhelm it.

Why Renting Furniture Is a Smarter Option Than Buying Used Office Equipment

You may have also looked into another option for furnishing your office — buying gently used office furniture. This may sound like an attractive idea because of the pricing. However, when weighing the possibility of renting versus buying used furniture, renting comes out on top.

When you rent furniture, you get higher-quality products that have not been worn down. It’s easier to move rental furniture, too, because you don’t have to do it yourself. You just sit back and wait for it to be delivered to your office. Buying used furniture means not only trekking to pick up that furniture but also moving it into your office yourself, usually up multiple flights of stairs.

Rental furniture will always be temporary. You can switch to other furniture options if you move offices, and you don’t have to worry about selling the old furniture or otherwise disposing of it when the new pieces arrive.

Enjoy the Convenience of Renting Office Furniture

When you own or run a business, the last thing you need is another worry. You want to spend your time focusing on ways to improve your company. Renting office furniture can save you time and money, and let you instead focus on the things you enjoy doing at the office.

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