Caring for Rental Furniture

Caring for Rental Furniture

The best way to ensure that you get back your security deposit in full at the end of your lease is to take care of the furniture in your home. We’ve provided some specific recommendations for protecting and cleaning furniture, whether it’s wood, leather or fabric. Here are some general guidelines to follow in regards to your rental furniture:

  • Inspect your furniture upon delivery
  • Protect furniture from extremes in light, heat and moisture
  • Keep furniture clean
  • Don’t mistreat furniture
  • Prevent pet damage

Inspect Your Furniture Upon Delivery

After your furniture is delivered, be sure to inspect it for damage. If any of your rental items are damaged or not up to your expectations, please contact us as soon as possible. We will be happy to exchange any item that does not meet your expectation within the first week after delivery, at no cost to you.

If at any time an item becomes damaged while in your care, please contact us so that we can repair or replace the item. Please do not attempt to repair the item yourself.

Protect Furniture from Light, Heat and Moisture

Extremes in your home environment can damage furniture. Most fabrics need to be kept out of direct sunlight. Wood furniture needs to avoid exposure to extreme heat or moisture. Sometimes avoiding damage can be as simple as rearranging your room to keep furniture out of the sun and away from heat sources, including the fireplace, radiators and baseboards.

You can also protect the surface of your rented furniture by making regular use of tablecloths, slipcovers, placemats and coasters. Remember that you never want to put a damp or hot item on your furniture.

Keep Furniture Clean

You should dust wood and laminate furniture with a soft, dry cloth once a week. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately from all surfaces. Vacuum upholstery and leather furniture at least once a month. Polish wood furniture at least once each season. Treat spots on upholstery and rugs immediately. If you’re ever unsure on how to properly clean an item you’re renting, please call us before attempting to use any specialty stain removers, solvents or any other method or product that could potentially cause damage. We’re here to help!

Don’t Mistreat Furniture

While, normal wear and tear covered by your monthly damage waiver fee, gross negligence and misuse are not and could result in additional charges. Examples of gross negligence and misuse include but are not limited to cigarette burns, watermarks, damage by pets such as claw marks, excessive pet hair that could require hours of extra cleaning, or pet bodily fluids.

Always respect the limits of your furniture. Don’t drag items across the room, as this can weaken legs and joints — lift them instead. Don’t put heavy items, like a fish tank, on your wooden furniture. Don’t allow children to jump on the furniture, and don’t use your coffee table as a footrest. Always use coasters on wood furniture, and protect wood and upholstered furniture from cigarette burns.

Prevent Pet Damage

Limiting wear and tear from pets is one of the greatest challenges in protecting your furniture. Do not allow pets to scratch, chew, or in any other way damage or destroy your rental furniture. If you have a cat, it may be helpful to remove cat hair after vacuuming your upholstery by using a large rubber sponge, or a tool made specifically for this purpose. Rubber gloves are another way to remove cat or dog hair from upholstered items. An easier route, especially if your pet has long hair, would be to cover your upholstery with a large blanket.