Rent Home Furniture

Rent Home Furniture

Our Home Furniture Rental Options

Renting furniture is a time-saving and economical way to get your space ready before moving day. At Interior Furniture Resources, we’re proud of the quality, selection, and value of our home furniture rentals and the expertise our team brings to each project. Our team helps clients select options that suit not only their taste in décor but also their living situation. The services we offer include:

Rent by Room or Package

Clients may rent prepared furniture packages to easily achieve a specific style or rent by room for streamlined choices. Each selection is carefully curated by our team to provide everything you need to create a seamless look across your living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and home office.

Apartment Rentals

Clients moving into an apartment can find the pieces they need to make their space look stylish and feel comfortable with our apartment rental options. These pieces are thoughtfully designed for smaller spaces and are easy to move into your home.

Student Housing Rentals

Students temporarily in need of furniture while enrolled in college can find affordable options at Interior Furniture Resources. We offer several choices tailored to the unique needs of college students and flexible leasing terms that suit individual circumstances. 

Corporate Housing Rentals

For working professionals looking to furnish homes for temporary assignments, Interior Furniture Resources offers several options. Corporate housing solutions offer flexible rental options and a broad selection of choices.

One of the top advantages of renting furniture is that it’s easy to update your home as your taste in décor evolves or your living situation changes. Whether you’re looking to permanently or temporarily furnish your home, our team can accommodate your needs.

Our Rental Housewares and Amenities

Our clients can also rent the basic home essentials they need for their space. Whether you’re looking for dishes and cookware or electronics, Interior Furniture Resources offers several items to enhance your home and make it feel move-in ready. Some of our home rental accessories include:

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Bedroom linens
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Bathroom items
  • Televisions
  • DVD players
  • Other housewares

Several amenities and housewares packages are available. With these items, our clients can save time shopping and easily create a new living space that fosters comfort and an easier transition. As part of our services, our team arrives on your scheduled delivery date to set up the furniture and accessories you’ve ordered for your new home, ensuring everything is ready when you get there.

Furnish Your Home with Interior Furniture Resources

Let us help you find the rental solutions that fulfill your unique living needs. Serving clients since 1966, Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and proudly provides solutions for clients with diverse living situations across PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, and WV. Contact us today for more information about our portfolio or home furniture rental services.