Can You Rent Furniture for Home Staging?

Soon your home will hit the market. You have a great property and a living space that’s decorated to suit your unique tastes. However, those tastes may not be the same as your prospective buyers’. You need furniture that will appeal to everyone and enhance the look of your home, enticing people into making an offer.

Few people can afford to buy all-new furniture when they plan a move. Luckily there is another alternative — furniture staging rentals.

Companies such as IFR rent out pieces for your living room, dining room, bedrooms and more. You have the ability to rent exactly what is needed to best complement your home and invaluable guidance from an interior design expert. Then, when it’s over, you are not obligated to bring the furniture, which may not be your taste, to your next home.

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Do Home Stagers Rent Furniture?

Often the answer is no. Home stagers are experts in finding the right pieces to make a space look its best. But they don’t generally rent the supplies themselves. Most often, home staging professionals will rent the furniture from a rental company, upcharge it and pass it along to you. Other times it may be up to you to contact a rental furniture provider directly such as IFR, to bring the look together.

How Much Does Home Staging Furniture Rental Cost?

The amount you will need to invest will vary. Your home is unique, and pricing can also vary amongst rental furniture providers, however it’s much less expensive to use staging furniture than to purchase the furniture outright. You don’t have to make a long term commitment, and you can rent only as much as you need to fill your house. You can also rent complementary accessories, lighting, artwork and rugs to help your property stand out from the rest. Contact IFR today to get an estimate.

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What Happens to Staging Furniture When You’re Done Using It?

Usually, the furniture is returned to the staging furniture rental company you signed your agreement with. Sometimes, potential buyers may show an interest in purchasing pieces used for staging. Be sure to check with your furniture rental company on how to proceed when a buyer is interested in doing this. When you’re ready to have the furniture picked up, just give them a call. It’s easy when you rent furniture at IFR. They will deliver and pick up the furniture, saving you from any heavy lifting.

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Are you trying to sell your house? Giving it just the right look can help potential buyers make an emotional connection to your home, as they are able to better envision living there. If you need furniture to stage your home, get in touch with IFR. You can rent pieces for much less than it would take to buy. Contact IFR today.

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