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Please note: If you have selected the Deluxe Housewares Package, a 32" TV, DVD player and Microwave are already included in your order. Specify here if you would like to add additional electronics to your order.

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Why Rent Housewares and Electronics?

With IFR, you can rent everything you need for comfortable living, including a wide array housewares and electronics. Renting kitchen essentials, electronics, linens, and more is guaranteed to make your transition easier. Why? This is for a number of reasons:

1) Moving Is Easier and Simpler

Why spend hours wrapping up every individual plate and cup you own, or taking the time to cushion delicate electronics? When you rent electronics and housewares from IFR, everything arrives safely and whole without the hassle of unpacking numerous household items.

2) Everything Is Ready When You Arrive

Having to hunt through boxes of possessions to find your clothes iron, linens, towels or vacuum cleaner can be time-consuming and frustrating. With a housewares rental, everything is ready to go. All you have to do is sit down and start enjoying your new home. You can take a bath or shower right away, prepare meals and do everything else you need, because by renting your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom housewares, everything you need is immediately accessible.

3) Save Time on Shopping

Moving into a new dorm or apartment usually means shopping for new linens, kitchen supplies and other household essentials. When you rent housewares and electronics, you'll have peace of mind knowing that everything is ready for you when you move in. Whether it's a bathroom package, kitchen essentials package, cleaning set or bedroom linens basics, IFR has you covered by room, so it's easy for you to ensure you have everything in place.

4) You Don't Have to Pack When You Leave

Once you're ready to move out of your home, if you have chosen to rent linens and housewares, you'll save hours of packaging, making your move-out process as simple as your move in. With a rental, you never have to take the time to wrap up glassware or a flat screen television. IFR's installation experts will pack and pick up all of these items, so you don't have to think about delicate housewares or electronics during your move.

5) Everything Is Coordinated and Stylish

Finding coordinating and attractive pieces can take time. With an IFR rental, you can be sure you get quality products and attractive styles designed to work together. Everything looks great and is sure to impress your guests without your having to lift a finger.

For college students, deciding to rent makes the transition to student housing much simpler. Renting electronics, bedroom linens, kitchen items and other essentials is a budget-friendly way for students to secure what they need quickly and efficiently.

For traveling executives and those living in temporary housing, renting linens and housewares is easy and efficient. They can secure the essentials they need, while saving time on shopping and packing. In fact, renting home items is great for everyone, because its and time-saving way to a stylish, well-furnished home.

Contact IFR to check out the options available right now or to get customized help and solutions for your next move.