Home Office Furniture for Rent


Rent Home Office Furniture in Central PA and Northern MD

Sometimes, you only need home office furniture on a temporary basis. Instead of buying furnishings upfront, why not rent your office desk and seating instead?

Since 1966, Interior Furniture Resources has served customers looking for top-quality furniture at affordable prices. Our leasing option allows you to quickly outfit your home or apartment office space economically. Get beautiful home office furnishings delivered right to your door and picked up when your rental ends.

Visit our showroom in central PA today or contact us online to arrange home office furniture rental for your Pennsylvania or northern Maryland property.


Types of Home Office Furniture for Lease

As a premier supplier of exceptional home office furniture, we focus our attention on giving you a range of choices in terms of furnishing style. Whether you are looking for more of a large, traditional writing desk or a sleek, streamlined office desk, we have exactly what you need.

In addition to renting several kinds of home office desks suitable for large and small spaces, we also provide a la cart items for lease such as reclining chairs, bookcases and lamps. Freshen up your home office and give yourself a comfortable spot to work and see clients.


Advantages of Renting Writing Desks and More

Have you considered purchasing home office furniture but shied away because of the high price tag or time it takes to pull together a cohesive look on your own? Interior Furniture Resources makes life easier by offering all types of home furnishings, including home office desks and chairs, on a month-to-month lease basis.

If you have an empty space in your home or apartment that you want to turn into a home office, consider renting a desk and other items. You can avoid having to sell or move the furniture later, while also getting great value from your furniture pieces.


Staging Design Services for Real Estate Agents and Individual Sellers

Staging a property takes time and commitment. Interior Furniture Resources has a team devoted to helping real estate agents and home sellers complete the look of a vacant property with staged furnishings.

In addition to gorgeous home office furniture rentals, IFR can set up bedroom sets, living room sets and other items at any home or apartment in the central Pennsylvania or northern Maryland region.

Give yourself the opportunity to win over more bidders with an expertly staged property filled with rented furniture.


Who Can Benefit From Renting Writing Desks and Office Chairs?

Our clients include individuals and families in a variety of circumstances. Some are military households stationed in an area for a short time. Others are families who intend to move within the coming months or year. Many customers are even students who want to live in a furnished apartment while completing their college semesters or summer internships. Business professionals who travel frequently also prefer to rent office desks and other furniture for their homes rather than buy them outright.

If you have an unfurnished home office space, we encourage you to browse our complete collection of office furniture packages and a la carte pieces. You can lease furniture from us with just a few clicks.

Rent writing desks and more from Interior Furniture Resources right now. We service homes in PA and northern MD.