Bedroom Furniture for Rent


Rent Beautiful Bedroom Furniture in Central PA

Furnishing a bedroom can seem like a big task. Interior Furniture Resources makes it simple and affordable to rent high quality beds, dressers, nightstands and more for any size room.

Since 1966, the experienced team at IFR has helped customers throughout central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland temporarily or permanently furnish their homes and apartments with beautiful items. Stop by our showroom or browse our collections online to see your bedroom rental options today!


Why Lease a Bedroom Set?

Many people think the only way they can quickly set up a bedroom is by buying furniture upfront or on credit. Renting a complete bedroom set presents a wonderful alternative, especially for individuals and families who expect to move periodically.

When you rent a bed for a month, a year or longer from Interior Furniture Resources, you can enjoy top-notch bedroom furnishings without worrying about how you’ll move them later. Simply let us know when you no longer want to rent your bedroom items and we will plan to pick them up. Outfitting a space has never been faster or more economical.


Who Rents Bedroom Sets?

Interior Furniture Resources clients rent bedroom sets for a variety of reasons. Some are working professionals who move regularly, such as consultants coming to northern MD for a short-term assignment. Rather than living out of a hotel or buying furniture for a whole apartment, they rent beds and other furnishings for the duration of their stay.

Members of the military and their families also find great value and peace of mind by renting bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets and home office items. By choosing to rent a complete bedroom package, they avoid the hassle of having to sell or move the furniture later.

Real estate agents and home sellers often come to us for staging purposes. Instead of showing a vacant property, they can give potential buyers a taste of what the interior spaces will look like after move-in day.

College students who decide to stay in apartments instead of dorms also value rental bedroom sets. Whether they need their leased beds for a summer or semester, they can count on Interior Furniture Resources to provide incredible service and choices.


What Do Leased Bedrooms Sets Include?

Every bedroom set we offer on a lease basis presents its own style. You can find highly contemporary, classic and elegant bedrooms, complete with all the necessary pieces to add convenience and good looks. 

Although every bedroom set is unique, all include at least a bed and places for storage such as nightstands and dresser drawers. Other features of our all-in-one bedroom packages can include mirrors and bedside lamps.

Because bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, our bedroom sets for lease are available for small and large rooms. Whether you want a queen size headboard for a spacious sleeping area, or you feel a cozy twin headboard will suit your needs, Interior Furniture Resources has what you’re looking for.


Rent a Bed in Central PA or Northern MD

Why spend money buying bedroom furniture when you can rent a bed and other furnishings for less? Rental bedroom sets give you complete control over your furniture selections.

View IFR’s bedroom furniture rental packages right now for your home, your short-term or long-term rental, your apartment or your for-sale property. We service those in PA and northern MD.