Reception and Lounge Office Furniture Rentals

The reception area of your office often is the first impression customers have of your business. To ensure your lounge looks professional and welcoming, obtain quality office furnishings from Interior Furniture Resources. We help companies throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia create ideal workplace environments by offering a wide variety of superior office furniture rentals.

Why Good Office Reception Areas Matter

As the name suggests, an office waiting room is an area full of anticipation. People are waiting to meet with doctors, interviewers, and advisors to discuss potentially nerve-wracking topics. Well-designed office lounges quell anxieties about these meetings by giving customers a sense of comfort and welcome when they walk in the doors.

Receptions areas also give customers the first impression of your business. For example, hanging awards and distinctions in the lounge can enhance your credibility with the customer before you meet with them. You caan place publications about your company alongside other magazines to keep clients informed about new developments or achievements. This reading material may keep people from getting bored or impatient while waiting.

Receptionists need well-organized waiting rooms to perform tasks effectively. The area should be open, making visitors feel comfortable when approaching the desk, but separate, helping employees conduct work without being distracted by TVs and conversations in the waiting section. Most importantly, they should have privacy screens or panels blocking out phone calls, as these conversations may deal with private information. Ultimately, a well-designed office lounge enables receptionists to put forth their best work.

Reception and Lounge Furniture We Offer

We have a diverse inventory of reception and lounge furniture that includes chairs, sofas, and tables. The pieces come in distinct styles to suit various office types, with some items more elegant and others more functional. We also offer couches and chairs with matching designs to create a uniform look at the office.

Renting from Interior Furniture Resources is simple due to our straightforward process. The following steps allow you to access quality furnishing and set up your office space in days:

  • Browse our selection: Select the items you want and add them to your wish list. Once you have everything you need, enter your contact information and wait for a response.
  • Talk with an account executive: After reviewing your wish list, a representative will contact you to obtain more pertinent details and provide a quote for your office furniture rental. The account executive also can answer questions you have about your items.
  • Plan your space: Our space planning professionals use innovative technology to help you make the best furniture choices if you have special requirements.
  • Provide billing information: After the order is confirmed, you will fill out several quick forms regarding your billing and desired delivery date.
  • Receive your furniture: We deliver your items on the day you selected and set them up according to plan. This convenient service makes it easier to adjust to your new office setting.
  • Call for exchanges or pickups: Contact us when you wish to exchange or return items. We will come as soon as possible and update your office to meet your expectations.

Obtain Rental Reception and Lounge Furniture Today

At Interior Furniture Resources, we believe homeowners and businesses should receive outstanding furniture rentals that meet their needs and budget. We implement the highest level of customer service and flexibility in all we do to ensure people are satisfied with the items they receive. Contact us today to learn more about the reception and lounge office furniture rentals we offer businesses in PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA, and WV.