Office Lighting And Furniture Rentals

Office lighting has a crucial impact on employee productivity and welfare. At Interior Furniture Resources, we offer a unique assortment of office lamps for businesses looking to furnish their workplaces. We are dedicated to supplying companies throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia with excellent office furniture rentals that help them design an ideal workplace environment.

The Importance of Office Lighting

Many business owners implement lighting at their facilities to create a specific atmosphere. While this approach makes sense from a branding perspective, companies should recognize how particular lighting can affect their employees. For example, dim lighting can impede productivity because it forces employees to strain their eyes while reading work material. It also can make computer screens appear too bright, making it difficult to complete tasks.

On the other hand, employees can face health issues working under ultra-bright lighting. For example, businesses that use fluorescent lighting often see staff members develop migraine headaches or exhibit adverse mood changes. Additionally, glaring lights can create a reflection in computer screens that can harm the eyes. This effect also can occur if computers are placed too close to windows or areas with contrasting light sources.

Companies should strive to implement natural lighting at their office. Studies show that business facilities with little to no natural light can cause fatigue and insomnia, ultimately reducing work quality. If you cannot have windows installed at your office, consider using blue and white artificial lights that simulate sunlight. This choice can enhance employee wellness and production.

Rental Lamps We Provide

Our unique collection of office lighting includes table and desk lamps with various stand and shade designs. These rental lamps will suit numerous corporate settings, including conference rooms, executive offices, and waiting areas.

Why Rent Office Furniture?

Companies that rent office furnishings from Interior Furniture Resources spend less money than those who purchase new items for their facilities. When you buy furniture, you typically must make a substantial down-payment that takes capital away from other investments. Our office furniture rentals come with low monthly payments that are interest-free and tax-deductible. Additionally, we allow customers to rent pieces for as long as they need, further lowering furnishing expenses.

Renting office furniture is also more convenient. Business owners who buy items may have to move them into the space and set them up themselves, which takes away time spent on more productive tasks. At Interior Furniture Resources, we offer quick delivery and set up your furniture according to your wishes. This service streamlines the furnishing process and saves you valuable office time.

Rent Lighting and Office Furniture Today

Since 1996, Interior Furniture Resources has helped businesses throughout PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA, and WV create ideal work environments with office furniture rentals that meet their needs and budgets. We have a large inventory of items that suit multiple décor styles, including lighting, desks, chairs, tables, storage cabinets, electronics, and artwork.

To show our commitment to customer service, we offer a service guarantee to all businesses who rent from us. If you receive furniture that does not meet your expectations, you can exchange it within the first week of delivery at no additional cost. We also provide custom office furniture to businesses with specific furnishing needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our office furniture rentals or order lighting equipment for your business.