Office Furniture for the New Hybrid Work Model

An employee prepares a work schedule that includes in-office work and remote

Having a hybrid work system means some employees are spending their day in the office, while others are working remotely from home. Make your office more accommodating for employees who will be working a hybrid workweek by adding some new office furniture. Office furniture rental services are great for building a more flexible workplace that looks stylish and fosters productivity. Interior Furniture Resources provides furniture rentals to businesses and residents throughout Pennsylvania and parts of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.  Here, our experts offer some insight into what employers should consider while redesigning their offices.

Create Spaces that Support All Employees

With employees divided between locations, it is important to have an office layout that assists both in-person and remote staff. To make this possible, you can provide areas that allow for one-on-one conversations and meetings. Someone working in the office might have a meeting over the phone or video call with their remote team, so it is a good idea to create these private and soundproof spaces.

You can furnish designated quiet spaces by using office furniture such as:

  • Couches and chairs: Lounge seating absorbs more sound and provides room to relax while chatting with coworkers. Consider adding contemporary couches and chairs to quiet areas.
  • Small tables or desks: Small tables and desks provide just enough space for a laptop or a notebook to be conveniently accessible while handling everyday tasks.

Aside from quiet, thoughtfully furnished spaces, you also can implement a desk booking system. By using every desk in the office efficiently, your company can save money and avoid overcrowding.

Maximizing Resources Through Desk Booking

Desk booking is a great way to adapt your workplace to fit a hybrid model and make the most of the furniture you have. Through this system, employees reserve a designated desk on their days spent in the office. This system helps avoid maintaining an office filled with furniture that is used only 50% of the time. Renting half the number of desks also is a great opportunity to put more resources toward acquiring higher-quality office furniture and upgrading the overall aesthetic. This may include:

  • Executive-L desks: L-shaped desks offer ample room to spread out and often are equipped with plenty of storage space for office essentials.
  • Junior executive desks: While smaller than an L-desk, junior executive desks are available with built-in storage and uphold a professional look.
  • High-back executive chairs: Plush, ergonomic executive chairs with lumbar support help keep employees comfortable throughout the day.

If you’re not sure how to reconfigure your office, consult an interior designer for assistance. This professional can help you find the best ways to refresh your office layout and use it more efficiently.

Rent Office Furniture to Support the Hybrid Workweek

Provide your employees with essential office furniture that will help make adapting to a hybrid workweek feel smooth and seamless. A one-stop shop for high-quality office furniture rentals, Interior Furniture Resources serves clients in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Reach out for more information about our rental and interior design services.