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It’s well known that a beautifully designed home can make you feel good — especially if it’s your home and it’s decorated exactly as you want it. Your home’s décor can also considerably affect your overall mood over time, and this is especially important to realize in winter, when a lack of sunlight and warmth can make you feel seriously …

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furniture cleaning and care

For many of us, once we have acquired that piece of furniture we really wanted, we don’t pay much attention to its upkeep – other than when it gets scratched, spilled on, or otherwise damaged. However, it’s essential to think about furniture maintenance, especially if you have a quality piece of furniture. Properly maintaining your furniture is the best day …

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In October of this year, Interior Furniture Resources (IFR) will celebrate their 50th anniversary. IFR has been part of people’s lives for five decades, dedicated to clients and customer service. This depth of experience shows in IFR’s relationships with the community, contributions and industry expertise. IFR has truly earned its place as part of this region’s history and looks forward …

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Tips for Quick & Efficient Unpacking After a Move (1)

Moving is tough. Dragging boxes and heavy furniture to the truck, driving it all the way to your new destination and then unloading makes for a day of back-breaking work. Upon bringing in the last box, you’ll probably feel like rejoicing, but wait a moment on uncorking the celebratory champagne. You have a lot of unpacking to do.

Fortunately, …

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