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office furniture that promotes productivity

Workplace productivity means happier employers and employees, but you can’t maximize productivity with a simple formula. It is a complicated goal to achieve. Employees need to be engaged and want to feel their talents are being put to good use. It can be tough to find the key to employee engagement and the resulting productivity, but it is well worth …

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renting vs buying furniture

In times of transition, you may find yourself with an empty home or apartment you need to fill with furniture. Buying new furniture can be time-consuming and expensive, but transporting your old furniture to your new place may be even more of a hassle — especially if you are moving far away. Renting furniture can be a perfect solution to …

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create dream home office

A great home office has a balance of style and function — it is a comfortable space that stimulates your creativity and expresses your unique style. While it can be tempting to set up a desk in a corner and consider your job done, when you work from home, you have a unique opportunity to create a completely customized office …

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After all those days of dreaming, planning, hard work and hefty applications, the day is here. You’re finally packing up your things from home and preparing to plunge headfirst into an exhilarating, independent life of your own. For most students, college life promises a time of exploring new possibilities, discovering potential paths and finally feeling the sweet relief of freedom …

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