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7 Reasons When it Makes Sense to Rent vs Buy Furniture

Are you thinking of renting furniture? Here are 7 reasons to rent vs buy furniture.

You are Moving Abroad

Moving is a very complicated process. Rather than shipping all of your household furniture overseas, we recommend renting home furnishings instead. A big reason to rent vs buy furniture when you are moving abroad is that you will save a …

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Furnish short term leases

Furnishing short term leases can be a challenge; they need to look stylish and appealing to a vast array of people while also being an attractive, livable home away from home for tenants. Consider these ideas when you are furnishing your short term leases.

1. Themes

Find your theme before you start shopping for furniture. Choosing one color family …

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Arrange Your Rental Furniture

If you’ve just moved into your new home and don’t know where to start when it comes to arranging your rental furniture, we are here to help. We know it can be very difficult to visualize the layout of your room and how your rental furniture will look in your new space, so we have developed some guidelines to …

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Advantages to Renting Furniture Harrisburg

If you’re not quite ready to invest in furniture and buy something new, renting is a great option. When you rent furniture, you’ll reap several amazing benefits that will keep you and your wallet happy. Whether you’re new to the concept of renting or considering something new for your home, read on to discover more about the advantages to renting

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