Model Home Furnishings: Staging Can Seal the Deal

Living space staged in a model home As a builder who’s just completed their model home build, you deserve to have your work displayed adequately by highlighting the space’s best assets. Proper staging of model home furnishings can help dress up your build by offering an attractive look for potential buyers. Interior Furniture Resources in Harrisburg, PA, can help builders accomplish this with our professional home staging services and excellent selection of home furnishings available for rent. Here, we discuss the reasons staging matters and what to consider as you stage your model home.

Is Staging Worth It?

When a potential buyer or renter comes to view your model home, you want them to be able to envision themselves living there. Decorating the model home with too many personal belongings can be distracting, while completely bare rooms can come off as bland or cold. Professional staging offers a unique solution.

When staging a model home, you are temporarily furnishing and decorating various rooms to make them more appealing to buyers. Other benefits of staging a home include:

  • Better first impression: In real estate, first impressions can go a long way. A model home that features no staging can be a lost opportunity for builders who wish to create an inviting space for all who enter. Stage your home properly to create a positive first glance.
  • Highlight the model home’s features: Staging can allow builders to emphasize the advantages of the model home. For example, if the model home has a finished basement, staging can demonstrate the space’s potential for entertaining. Not only can home staging spruce up a model home, but it can also draw attention to its function.
  • Help gain interest: When showing your model home, your main objective is to gain interest from potential buyers in hopes they make an offer. An excellent way of achieving this is by staging the home and creating an emotional connection.

Tips for Staging Model Home Furnishings

When it comes to staging your model home, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. To properly stage your home, consider the following:

  • Take yourself out of the design: As you begin staging your model home, it can be very easy to put your personal tastes into the design. Instead, choose a style that is simple and can appeal to most buyers.
  • Size furniture in relation to the space: Before you begin staging, keep in mind the space you have available to you. Selecting furniture pieces that are too big for the space can make it spear small, while too little furniture can make the space feel underwhelming and boring.
  • What catches your eye: Before you unveil your model home, walk around the space and see what sticks out to you. With the mindset of a potential buyer, ask yourself if what you see is appealing, or if it draws too much attention.

The professional staging services of Interior Furniture Resources address each of these concerns and more. Builders can benefit from working with our dedicated team by receiving expert design advice as well as exposure to a wide range of high-quality and elegant home furnishing pieces for rent. Our helpful staff will work closely with you, ensuring all your staging needs are met.

Get the Right Look With Interior Furniture Resources

Builders in Harrisburg, PA, who are looking for professional staging services to elegantly display their model homes, can trust the experts at Interior Furniture Resources. We possess the experience and knowledge to properly stage model home furnishings to create the look you desire. Contact us today for more information on our home staging services or to learn how to build your own package.