Keep Up With Business Changes by Renting Office Furniture

Rental furniture for a temporary conference/collaboration room

Whether it’s the Great Resignation or the Next Normal, headlines clearly indicate that the pre-2020 office is a thing of the past. Meetings revolve around creating the right culture, listening to employees’ desire for remote work, and making a hybrid work environment function. While those big-picture discussions are important, what about the details that will make the picture a reality? What about office furniture? Interior Furniture Resources serves customers in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we discuss how renting office furniture can help your business adapt to changing demands and needs.

Accommodating Changing Space Requirements

Employees may continue to work from home. Economic volatility may alter your workforce size. Whatever the reason, office space is no longer static. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays may require more collaborative spaces when teams are in the office. Extensive lobby furnishing may not be required if customers prefer Zoom meetings. 

For customers who do visit the office, a large unused lobby makes a forlorn impression. Instead, consider renting office furniture from Interior Furniture Resources to make your lobby feel on-trend and welcoming. With the right furniture, you can turn that lobby into conversation areas for employees and clients. 

Reducing Logistical Anxiety

No matter the size of your business, someone must ensure that employees have a place to work. When you hire a new employee, whose time is spent finding a workstation or desk and chair? Who will coordinate delivery, so the furniture is there for the new hire’s first day? 

Rather than stressing out, consider renting office furniture.

By renting furnishings, you don’t need to worry about what will be delivered and when. Talk to our consultants, who can help select the right workstation and schedule delivery to ensure it arrives before your new hire does. 

Lowering Expenses

Quality furniture can be expensive to own. Inexpensive furniture can send the wrong message to customers, partners, and employees. Furniture that isn’t designed for commercial use may not last as long and may even pose safety hazards. 

Renting office furniture allows a business to lower expenses without sacrificing quality. It can make budgeting simpler than trying to plan for unexpected expenses when furniture breaks or becomes unusable. Interior Furniture Resources has an extensive catalog of furnishings for any style and price point. Our knowledgeable staff works with businesses to find the right solution for their needs at a reasonable price.

Staying Up to Date With Office Furnishings

As more workplaces move to a hybrid work model, office space becomes more important. It’s not just about productivity. The office needs to instill a sense of belonging. That means ensuring employees have a space that feels like their own and that the office encourages a collaborative environment. Gone are the days of hot desking, where multiple people used the same space. 

As employees create their home offices, they become more attuned to the latest trends. They will expect their office spaces to reflect changes that improve productivity.

Businesses need to be able to adapt, too. For example, a major project may require a temporary office headquarters where team members can collaborate, and information can remain until the project ends. The space increases productivity because crucial information can be centralized, secured, and accessible. Rental office furniture, shelves, and file cabinets can get such a space set up quickly.

Making an Agile Office

Agility is a crucial component if companies are to pivot when the unexpected happens. Relocating offices means moving furniture unless you’re renting. The new space may be smaller or larger. The space may be green or have controlled lighting. All these changes can highlight the age of office furniture. 

If a business is downsizing, what happens to the excess furniture? Will a business pay for storage or take a write-off? If expanding, what’s the lead time to receive new furniture? Waiting months to furnish a new space isn’t agile. Renting office furniture is the solution.

Interior Furniture Resources Helps Businesses Keep Up With Change

Working with Interior Furniture Resources provides businesses with the flexibility they need to remain agile. Companies no longer need someone to manage the logistics of changing office furniture. They can work with our staff to find the right solution and ensure its on-time delivery. 

Our teams know the current trends in office furniture. They can ensure your office space never looks old or outdated. They know how to design a warm and welcoming space for both employees and visitors. If you’re looking for office furniture, contact us for help in designing productive, efficient, and agile workspaces. Interior Furniture Resources serves customers in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.