Is Your Home Office Also Your Guest Room? Rental Furniture Can Help

A small guest room that can also be used as a home office.

The workplace has fundamentally changed over the last few years. Working from home was once considered a luxury, and now it’s become the norm. About 6 in 10 workers who can work remotely choose to do so. Many enjoy the convenience of working from home and saving money on food and travel expenses. However, working from home means more of us are trying to carve out suitable workspaces in our already crowded houses. For many people, that means moving a desk into the guest room.

When a room needs to serve double duty, you must make the best use of the space with smart furniture choices. More people are turning to rented furniture to help them solve their work-from-home dilemmas. Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and serves Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we explain how rental furniture can help you set up a home office/guest room combo.

How The Guest Room Became the New Home Office

Using the guest room as a home office was an obvious choice for the work-from-home crowd. The guest room is seldom used, offers privacy when needed, and allows you to walk away from work at the end of the day by shutting the door. However, that room now must function as both an office and a bedroom. That can be a difficult balance to achieve, especially if you don’t have a lot of time or money to experiment with different setups. You may end up with a variety of furniture that doesn’t quite work, meaning the room isn’t functioning well as either a bedroom or a workspace.

Renting your office and bedroom furniture may be a better option, especially as you try to find the right setup for your home.

Why Rented Furniture May Be Your Best Option

Trying to figure out how to make the best use of your space? Rented furniture offers several advantages.

Rented Furniture Can Save You Money

Instead of paying a significant amount up front to furnish your home office and guest room, you can pay a reasonable monthly fee to rent furniture. This option allows you to keep more money in your bank account while you decide what furniture works best. When you decide on some furniture pieces, you can buy them knowing you will love what you get instead of making a costly mistake with furniture that isn’t quite right.

Rented Furniture Allows You To Experiment

Do you need a big desk or something that’s just large enough to hold your laptop? Do your guests need a king-size bed or does a daybed work better in your space? Sometimes it’s tough to know what will work until you try it. Bedroom and office furniture rental allows you to try different pieces in your guest room to find the right combination.

Rented Furniture Saves You Time

Our delivery service handles everything. If you rent bedroom and office furniture from Interior Furniture Resources, we offer delivery to central Pennsylvania, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Maryland, and northern Delaware. That way, you can focus on work instead of worrying about purchasing, moving, and setting up a room full of furniture.

Great Home Office/Guest Room Ideas

Struggling to find guest room ideas that work with your home office needs? Consider trying these:

  • Look for beds that offer additional storage. Beds like the one in the Sedona Bedroom Package provide extra storage in the bed frame itself. That allows you to tuck bed linen or home office supplies out of sight when they aren’t needed. That extra storage will enable you to quickly swap the space as an office or bedroom.
  • Keep your office furniture simple and classic. Opting for wooden furniture will help your guest room feel cozy. Metal furniture can make it feel industrial and less welcoming to visitors. Simple wooden pieces like the ones found in our Encore and Sedona Home Office Package are perfect. The desk provides ample workspace for your needs but can double as a vanity space for guests when you aren’t using it. The bookcase is also a welcome addition to your room, where you can keep work necessities along with some reading material for your visitors.

Make The Most Of Your Space With Rented Furniture

Are you looking for more great home office and guest room ideas? Contact us at Interior Furniture Resources. We can help you choose furniture that fits your space, whether you need to furnish one room or an entire house. Our interest-free monthly payments are tax-deductible, too. Contact us today or visit our Pennsylvania showroom to learn more and arrange for your furniture delivery.