How to Stage a Home on a Budget

A real estate agent showing the interior of a home to a couple

If you are preparing to sell your home or are working with a client who is interested in selling their home, there are probably a million things on your to-do list. One important task that everyone should prioritize is properly staging the home. While it might seem like a monumental undertaking, staging your home can help it sell much faster, resulting in more free time and more money in your pocket.

Home staging cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. When you plan to stage your home and use the following helpful tips, you can breeze through the process with minimal stress and enjoy the results when offers come flooding in. Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and serves Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we provide information to help you stage a home successfully and reap the rewards in no time flat.

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

According to a 2020 study by the National Associations of Realtors, 74% of home buyers know exactly what they want before they start searching for a home. When you stage your home before listing, you are making it easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves in the space – which could lead to a quick offer.

3 Ways to Save Money When Staging Your Home

Staging is the fine art of decorating and preparing a home to sell quickly. While staging usually involves an element of decoration and design flair, there are some basic things that you can do to ensure staging success. These three tips will help you stage your home with ease and without spending a lot of money.

Focus on Decluttering Your Closets and Cabinets

For buyers to envision themselves in your home, they need to imagine their decor and belongings there. Try to remove as many of your personal effects as possible, such as taking down family photos and eclectic art, but prioritize decluttering your closets and cabinets. Throw out any garbage or unwanted trinkets and consider donating any clothing or toys that you no longer want to keep. Just the process of decluttering your home will help to create the perfect clean slate for a new owner.

Don’t Neglect to Deep Clean

While you might have already thought about replacing the carpet or adding a coat of fresh paint, one inexpensive way to refresh your home is to deep clean every room, from living areas to bathrooms. Pay particular attention to the focal points of the room, such as kitchen counters, the interior of cabinets and closets, and any furniture that you plan to leave with the home. There’s nothing more appealing than a clean, sparkling home, and potential buyers will revel in the atmosphere.

Rental Furniture Saves You Money and Time

Aesthetics are everything, and when it comes time to stage a home, rental furniture helps you to create that appealing look. Interior Furniture Resources offers custom rental furniture packages that allow you to build the perfect first impression. With affordable and convenient home staging options for any budget, Interior Furniture Resources features brand-name manufacturers with pieces that fit any style or home design. Whether your home is a colonial-style cottage or a modern farmhouse, we have pieces that will perfectly fit with the aesthetic of the home, creating an overall look that potential buyers won’t be able to resist.

Interior Furniture Resources Offers Custom Staging Packages

If you want to stage your home with rental furniture but don’t know where to start, Interior Furniture Resources can help. We offer custom rental packages, furniture rental by room, and even a la carte rental services so we can suit your specific furnishing needs. Renting furniture is not only a great way to stage your home with ease while saving money, but it protects your privacy as well. Your furniture is unique to you, and when you don’t want strangers looking at or touching your personal furniture, rental furniture is just the ticket.

The interior furniture store that offers you value, quality, and great service, Interior Furniture Resources of Harrisburg, PA, can help you stage your home with ease. Create a beautiful living space that will help your home move quickly on the market and get you the most return on investment with our beautiful rental furniture. We serve Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Contact us today to learn more about home staging tips and how to choose the right rental furniture for your needs.