How To Spruce Up Your Home On A Budget

Cute Autumn-Themed Home Decor Arrangement.

You can create a beautiful and trendy space in your home by adding stylish furniture pieces and décor. However, decorating and styling your home doesn’t need to break the bank. You can make your space look fresh and new while sticking to a budget. Interior Furniture Resources serves customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we offer tips on sprucing up your home while keeping your finances under control.

Rearrange And Revamp Your Furniture

If a room is feeling dull and in need of change, you can play around with the furniture arrangement to freshen things up. This entails moving around smaller items such as lamps or side tables, or for a brand-new look, moving your couch or TV stand to the other side of the room. To shake things up even more, change out the colors of your throw pillows and blankets – or even swap out your furniture entirely. By choosing furniture that you can rent, you can temporarily enjoy new pieces in your home. Benefits of renting furniture include:

  • Flexible leasing: This allows customers to decide their lease period. You can choose between one to 12 months of the leasing agreement and extend your time if needed.
  • Changing up your style: One of the best parts of renting furniture is the freedom to switch things up. Rental furniture is not a lifelong commitment.
  • Save your money: By renting furniture, you can save on the upfront expenses of purchasing brand-new items such as couches, tables, and chairs.
  • Convenience: If you decide to rent furniture from Interior Furniture Resources, you can have the convenience of our team delivering your furniture directly to you. This is a huge advantage for many people because it prevents the hassle of moving heavy furnishings themselves.

Swap Out Pictures And Décor

A great way to spruce things up in your home – with little to no cost – is to change out your pictures and décor. Swapping out old pictures in frames to updated pictures of friends and family can make all the difference in the room. After looking at the same pictures for an extended time, switching them to more recent memories can feel like a breath of fresh air.

You also can update your space by searching for unique frames and table décor, from figurines and candleholders to faux plants, at thrift shops or markets. You often can find neat, one-of-a-kind pieces for low prices at these types of places. Once you have your frames and décor, you can start placing your items on tables and shelves and begin printing images to put inside your frames. If you don’t have any recent photos with loved ones, you can even find plenty of fun prints and patterns online that match your room’s aesthetic and color scheme.

Accessorize Your Space

After arranging the larger items in your space and placing your furniture where you like it, you can add accessories to personalize the area. Some popular ways to accessorize your home include adding things such as:


From full-length floor mirrors to smaller, wall-hanging mirrors, there are plenty of options to choose from. Adding a mirror to the room is an excellent way to open the area up and make it feel larger.

Mirrors provide an optical illusion of depth, making natural light bounce off of the mirror and reflect across the room. This makes the room look larger and more open. Place a mirror in any room of the house to create this effect. You can rent a mirror or search for second-hand ones at local thrift shops.


Lighting can impact your serotonin levels, so it never hurts to add a little light into your home. One way to add natural light is by keeping windows clear of bulky furniture and opening blinds and curtains every morning. Some people may even prefer to hang sheer curtains above the windows so there is always some light shining through.

If natural light is limited, rent some decorative table or floor lamps from Interior Furniture Resources. Adding LED light bulbs to your lamps will provide crisp and white lighting. However, avoid using yellow-toned bulbs in your lighting, as it can make the space look dull and unsettling.

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