How to Furnish a Short-Term Rental

How to furnish a short term rental

Being on the road for work, school, travel or other commitments can be a challenge — but one of the best feelings is walking into your new apartment and feeling at home. Coming back to a place that’s comfortable, relaxing and furnished allows you to feel at ease. Wherever you live and for however long, having somewhere to call home can help you stay focused on your career and life goals.

Interior Furniture Resources (IFR) provides superior short-term furniture rentals throughout Central Pennsylvania, Northern Delaware and Northern Maryland. By relying on IFR, you will have access to a range of solutions that match your particular style and needs.

Can I Rent Furniture for Only a Few Months?

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At IFR, you can rent furniture for a week or several months. For more long-term commitments, you can rely on services for an entire year. IFR delivers flexibility to your temporary apartment, allowing you to keep the furniture pieces as long as you require. Temporary living assignments can be open-ended or have strict deadlines. Either way, you can partner with IFR for versatile and adaptable rental agreements. You can rent furniture for a specific amount of time or extend your commitment when your apartment renting surpasses the expected moving date. 

With customized renting options, you can choose your own set of furniture or opt to have the professionals design your space by selecting quality pieces that enhance your home. 

Renting through IFR also provides solutions that are ready for setup upon arrival. Imagine showing up at your new apartment, and your furniture is organized and ready to go. As you travel from city to city, you can arrange to have the furniture delivered and installed before you step off the airplane or out of the car. Prompt and professional service will set up your entire apartment so you can feel relaxed as soon as you arrive. With our flexible lease terms, we will help you form an agreement that best meets your specific needs.

Flexible Options for Temporary Housing

Customize IFR packages for short term rentals

Interior Furniture Resources offers a la carte pieces, along with rent-by-room services and package rentals, so you’re sure to find rental furniture for your temporary housing situation. Moving into a new place is exciting, whether you’re living in a rural area or city. With a clean slate to decorate, you can pick a design that matches your personality or the vibe of your location.

1.    A La Carte

Renting la carte furniture from IFR is available when you need a single piece of furniture or several at a time. It’s an ideal option when you don’t need to furnish entire rooms. Depending on personal preference and what you already have, you can select a la carte items such as:

  • Chairs
  • Chests
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room chairs
  • Nightstands
  • Sofas
  • Table lamps

Renting what you need and nothing more is perfect when you require a single coffee table to complete the look of your living room or a chest to store your clothes.

 2.    Rent-by-Room

Temporary furniture rentals also include rent-by-room, where you can create a signature and unique style for each space. Design your bedroom, dining room, home office and living room with a multitude of looks that are available right away. Select an all-white motif for your living room and cozier, down-to-earth features for your master suite. How you want to personalize each room in your apartment or house is up to your distinctive taste.

3.    Furniture Packages

Renting packages are another IFR option that saves you time and money. Furniture packages include:

  • Cambridge
  • Eclipse
  • Encore
  • Omni
  • Sedona
  • Student Special

Furniture bundles support each room in your apartment from the bed and living room to the dining room and office. You can customize different packages to accommodate your preferences by making substitutions and upgrades for specific pieces.

If you’re wondering how to furnish a temporary apartment, start by determining what pieces you already have. For example, you may have several furniture items already, but are looking for single pieces to enhance your living space. Renting furniture can also create different styles in each room if you’re searching for unique furniture as you step from one room to the next. From there, do you require a complete update for your temporary housing? If you’re looking for a full transformation of your new apartment, IFR packages may be perfect for your situation.

How to Find a Reputable Furniture Rental Company

IFR provides affordable furniture rentals for students, temporary apartment living, short-term housing and everything between. Instead of buying and selling furniture or investing in moving companies, you can pay a low fee each month. In return, you can furnish your entire living space with a personalized style that can even match the atmosphere of your new location.

When you rely on help from experienced consultants, investing in the right-sized furniture for your rooms is a breeze. You receive high-quality materials that are stylish and attractive — all while staying within your budget.

Month-to-month furniture rentals give you exceptional flexibility, too. Partner with a company that can assist you, whether your new apartment is on the first floor or several stories up with a rooftop view. You can even trade in your furniture as your needs change, or swap pieces out for different styles whenever you want an update.

A team of professionals will help you from the initial steps of how to furnish a rental property to the completed project. Additional support is also available when maintenance is necessary or if you’re ready to buy later down the line. IFR provides more than furniture rental solutions — our experts help you create a place to feel at home where you can entertain guests, enjoy family and relax.

Contact IFR for Short-Term Furniture Rentals Near You

IFR is a locally owned and operated business that delivers furniture rentals within a 150-mile radius of our Harrisburg location. With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, IFR provides personal service that goes beyond the purchasing stage when you need repairs and assistance. Fresh designs reach the IFR inventory daily, so you can receive quality furniture that’s ready for delivery within 48 hours.

Browse IFR’s furniture rental options or contact us online for more information.