Build Your Own Home Staging Package in Harrisburg, PA

Build Your Own Home Staging Package in Harrisburg, PA

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Home staging is a proven way to help homeowners sell their listings quicker and at an ideal price. However, staging homes properly is an art form that requires expert design touch combined with high-quality home furnishing pieces. Interior Furniture Resources offers residents in Harrisburg, PA, professional home staging services to highlight their spaces tastefully. With the ability to build your own package, you can create your ideal home staging aesthetic that is both pleasing to you and to potential buyers. Learn more about how you can create a package today to sell your home tomorrow.

Building Your Home Staging Package

 When it comes to building a staging package with Interior Furniture Resources, sellers have the luxury of selecting options that best suit their needs. Regardless of which option you choose as right for you and your home, our friendly staff can assist by offering design suggestions and recommending furniture pieces that tie rooms together. Our options include:

Rent by Package

Homeowners looking for a quick all-in-one way to stage their home can take advantage of our coordinated collections. Each package is unique with its own style, allowing you to choose the package that best fits your home’s aesthetic. Every package comes equipped with the home furniture pieces needed to properly stage a home, including:

  • Dining room table with four matching chairs
  • Master bedroom set complete with a headboard (king or queen), bedside lamp, nightstand, dresser, mirror
  • Living room essentials such as a sofa, loveseat or chair, cocktail table, end table, and adequate lighting

The rental packages available for home staging are:

  • Omni: Stage your home with a modern design that offers inviting vibes with natural comfort.
  • Encore: Simple yet pleasing, this package features a traditional design coupled with deep, earthy tones.
  • Eclipse: Invite potential buyers into your space with pieces that convey elegance and practicality.
  • Sedona: Highlight your home’s rustic accents with this Southwestern-style furnishing package.
  • Cambridge: Create a space for potential buyers to admire with this package that features industrial chic combined with French countryside in warm tones.

Rent by Room

On occasion, homeowners’ staging needs are on a room-to-room basis. Interior Furniture Resources can accommodate this by offering home staging packages by room. Our room rentals include:

  • Living room: Sofas, chairs, loveseats, end tables, coffee table, rugs, pillows, and accessories
  • Bedroom: Bed frames, nightstands, dressers, mirrors, lamps, and other accent pieces
  • Dining room: Diner tables, chairs, cabinetry, seat cushions, and décor pieces
  • Home office: Desks, office chairs, lamps, bookcases, and storage units

Create Your Own Package

Not every homeowner’s staging needs are the same. Some sellers already have an idea of what pieces they want for their staging, while others are just beginning from scratch. No matter the circumstances, our custom staging packages allow sellers to have the ideal items for every room to elegantly display their space for buyers.

Creating a custom staging package begins with working closely with one of our experienced team members. During this process, we will answer any questions you may have while gathering information about your space such as the size of it, what style you desire, what rooms need staging as well as any other information you see fit to mention. After that, we can accurately suggest appropriate furniture items to bring your space to life.

Whether you choose a custom staging program or a rent by room or package, our helpful staff will work diligently to locate the pieces you desire.

The Most Important Rooms to Stage

The positive impact of home staging cannot be understated. However, some rooms require more attention than others. According to the National Association of Realtors, 86% of buyers say that seeing a staged living room space is important to them during their purchasing process. The master bedroom is also an important room to consider when staging. It comes in as a close second with 84% of buyers saying it is important for them to see a staged main bedroom. Rounding out the top three is the kitchen. It is regarded as the heart of a home, and 68% of buyers said seeing a staged kitchen was important to them as they view an available listing.

Home Staging With Interior Furniture Resources

When it comes to real estate, time is money. Save time by calling upon the professional home staging services of Interior Furniture Resources, serving Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding area. We can help you elegantly stage your home within your budget to maximize its selling potential. Contact us today for more information on our services or to learn more about the benefits of staging a home.