Benefits of Staging a Home

Benefits of Staging a Home

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Staging for Success

When it comes to selling or renting a property, aesthetics is everything. You need the house or apartment to look clean, inviting and spacious – you also want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in the space. Professional home and apartment staging with IFR can do just that.

Whether you’re a contractor, realtor or homeowner looking to sell, IFR can help. IFR offers home and apartment staging solutions that provide proven results. Turn to IFR for expert staging advice, flexible rental options and service that leads the industry. Let our years of experience work for you!

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How You Can Benefit From Our Staging Services

Our team has helped homes and apartments spend less time empty on the market.

  • Quicker, higher profits – It’s a proven fact that a house professionally staged with stylish furniture sees higher sale prices and less time on the market. With help from IFR, you can get the selling edge you need. Enjoy a quicker sale and larger profits when you professionally stage your house to sell. Apartments that are professionally staged rent quicker as well. Spend less time looking for the next tenant and enjoy higher profits thanks to professional apartment staging at IFR.
  • Better first impressions – The first impression of the property needs to be a positive one. Professional home staging can update the look of your home or apartment and create a more positive impression on buyers or tenants. With professional staging, potential tenants or buyers will be able to imagine themselves in the space – which is key to making your sale or lease happen.
  • Better marketing – With apartment or home staging, you can highlight special features of the property while concealing less attractive ones. Create more living areas by turning a small space, such as a porch or patio, into a prime gathering spot. Staging also ensures more professional-looking photos to use when you start marketing the property. In today’s real estate market, professional photos are essential to selling a house or renting an apartment. They are used on the web, in print and in video. And when your property is professionally staged, your photos will provide a stronger selling point.
  • Protect your privacy – With home or apartment staging, you’ll also enjoy more privacy and reduced risk as a seller or owner. If you’re opening your home for showings, you want to protect your privacy. By using staging furniture from IFR, you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

In the end, your house or apartment will look better maintained and will appeal to a larger range of people. You’ll have more showings and more offers for a faster sale or lease.

Professional Staging Advice for Better Results

Selling or leasing property involves a lot of psychology. When showing a property, you want to ensure it is neutral enough for your wide-ranging target audience’s preferences. This means choosing decor that speaks to everyone while removing any items that personalize the space too much.

Our professional commercial team will provide expert insight into the psychology behind layout and decor. Maximize your space while creating an inviting feel with help from IFR. We will help your house or apartment look larger with less clutter. We will also recommend the best pieces to match your target market.

Whether you need help picking pieces or are looking for a complete design solution, IFR has your answer. We will provide the expert design services you need to impress prospects and turn them into buyers or tenants.

Affordable and Convenient Home Staging Options

Renting furniture from IFR for apartment or home staging is affordable and convenient. We offer flexible rental terms that can work with your specific project’s needs.

Choose your pieces from our extensive collection of furniture rentals. We feature brand-name manufacturers celebrated in the industry for quality and design. You can also save even more time by choosing from our professionally-curated furniture packages.

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Transforming your apartment or house into a space that invites and inspires is easy with IFR. Our team is committed to helping you through every step of the home staging process.

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