Home Staging Tips to Sell a House Fast

A bedroom being staged for an open house

Home staging is a strategic technique that homeowners can use to prepare their property for sale on the real estate market. Its purpose is to showcase a home in the best light, feature its desirable assets, and impress buyers – all in the hopes of selling it quickly and for the highest possible price. While there’s no denying the positive impact staging can have on an available listing, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. Interior Furniture Resources serves homeowners in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding area. Here, we detail ways you can properly stage your home to maximize its selling potential.

How to Stage Your Home

To reap the benefits of staging a home, consider this: according to the National Association of Realtors, the most common rooms staged are the living room (93%), kitchen (84%), master bedroom (78%), and dining room (72%). Regardless of what room you’re staging, there are some best practices to consider that may attract potential buyers, such as:

Pay Attention to the Cleanliness of Your Space

Regardless of how well your property is staged, a home that isn’t clean is a quick way to turn off potential buyers. A clean home helps invite guests in to view your space. It demonstrates you’ve taken care of your home and gives buyers peace of mind. Before a showing, homeowners should clean as much of their home as they can, including floors, walls, ceilings, and hard-to-reach areas. You wouldn’t want cobwebs or dust bunnies to ruin a potential buyer’s tour.

Kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures can benefit from your attention, too. Even if your home’s accessories aren’t new, cleaning them and making them sparkle can go a long way in the eyes of a buyer.

Focus on Creating Definitive Rooms

While rooms that pull double duty for potential homeowners may be their endgame, that’s for them to establish. When properly staging your home, you will want to ensure each room serves a single purpose. Additionally, try your best not to leave any room empty. If you do, you are not properly demonstrating the maximum potential of your home. If you have an insulated attic, for instance, convert it into a kid’s playroom. Or opt for cozy furniture options to turn your finished basement into an inviting space for entertaining.

Remember to Enhance the Lighting

Lighting can play a strategic role in your home’s presentation. Use natural light to your advantage. If your space lacks light, add fixtures throughout to liven up the home. Doing so can make your home appear brighter and more inviting.

Select Appropriate Furnishings

While choosing to stage your home is important, your selection of furnishings is equally significant. Homeowners should choose furniture pieces that fit their space and don’t clutter a room. Having furniture that’s too big can make a room look small and may deter buyers.

Interior Furniture Resources can assist homeowners in selecting furniture with our professional home staging services. After speaking with one of our helpful team members, our team will get to work designing a custom staging program that meets your needs and budget. Our staging services allow you to rent furniture for every room in the house or just a few pieces at a time.

Professional Home Staging With Interior Furniture Resources

Homeowners in Harrisburg, PA, and the surrounding area seeking an advantage over other listings on the market can benefit from the professional home staging services offered by Interior Furniture Resources. As time and money are crucial when it comes to home listings, our services can help you save both. Contact us for more information on our services.