How to Create Your Dream Home Office

create dream home office

A great home office has a balance of style and function — it is a comfortable space that stimulates your creativity and expresses your unique style. While it can be tempting to set up a desk in a corner and consider your job done, when you work from home, you have a unique opportunity to create a completely customized office and fill it with any inspiration you want. Adding personality to your home office design can boost your productivity and make work more enjoyable. Try these home office tips to create a workspace you will love to spend time in every day.

Plan Your Ideal Office

Before you begin shopping for furniture and office supplies, you should decide the style of the home office you want to have and what supplies you will need to make it happen. Without planning, your office may quickly become cluttered and disorganized. Ask yourself these questions to plan your perfect home office.

  • What is your workflow? Think about your typical workflow to determine what furniture, storage, and electronics you may need, as well as the best layout for your office. If you work primarily with physical documents, you may want to put your printer near your desk and plan extra storage space for files. If you work mostly with electronic media, move the printer out of the way and plan an office layout that allows easy access to electrical outlets.

  • What is your work style? Whether you have a creative and natural workflow or prefer a streamlined and efficient process, your office space should reflect your work style. Colorful decorations and bold patterns can stimulate creativity, while cool colors and bright light can help you stay focused.

  • What is your budget? Shopping for new furniture and decorations can be exciting, but it is also easy to go overboard. Suddenly, your home office is overflowing with things you do not need, and there is no space left for you to get things done. The best way to prevent overspending and cluttering is to create a budget for your home office before you begin. Be sure to prioritize essential items, like a high-quality desk, comfortable chair, and updated electronics. Once you have secured the essentials, you can have fun picking out extra frills like plants, paintings, and photographs.

  • Do you want to buy or rent? Renting furniture for your home office can have a lot of benefits. If you move or travel frequently, renting furniture allows you to enjoy a comfortable home office now without worrying about lugging furniture to the next place you live. Renting office furniture also means you can change the style of your home office if you get bored with your current design. You may also be able to afford higher-quality furniture when you rent than when you buy.

  • What home office style do you want? One of the perks of working from home is that you can design your home office any way you want — from sleek and modern to traditional and warm. Your home office can blend with the style of the rest of your home or highlight your unique taste. When you think about style before you begin furnishing your home office, you can create a cohesive design you love.

Find Your Prime Location

prime office location

The location of your home office can have a big impact on your productivity. If you focus best in a quiet environment, avoid putting your home office near where your kids play during the day. Try to find a secluded space or somewhere you can shut the door when you need to concentrate. If you enjoy the energy of being around other people when you work, you may want a home office in an open space. If you know you will be tempted to play video games, watch TV or even wash last night’s dirty dishes, plan an office space where these distractions are out of sight.

If you live in a small home or apartment, your options for a home office may be more limited. However, do not despair — there are plenty of creative ways to design a home office even in tight quarters. These home office ideas for small spaces may help you discover the perfect location for your home office.

  • Closet office: If you have an extra closet in your home or apartment, you may be able to convert it into an office. Place a small desk inside and build shelves for storage. Pull a chair up when you are working, then close the doors at the end of the day. A closet office is an excellent option because it does not take up extra space, and you can hide it when you’re not working.

  • Office nook: Look around your home for hidden nooks and corners you are not using. Sometimes you may have overlooked a space that could make a cozy home office.

  • Loft office: Lofting your bed and designing an office space underneath can be a smart option for a studio apartment or other small living space.

Sit Comfortably

When it comes to comfort, finding the right desk chair is one of the most critical factors. When you spend 40 hours or more sitting at your desk every week, you will want a chair that provides proper support. Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day can do some serious damage to your body, including causing back, neck and wrist pain. Sometimes even a comfortable chair may not promote good posture, so you still end up sore at the end of a long workweek. Here are some features to look for in an ergonomic desk chair.

find the right desk chair

  • Adjustable seat height: Finding a chair that is the right height for your desk is essential for encouraging good posture. Ideally, your eyes should be level with the top of your computer screen when you are sitting up straight. When your chair is at the proper height, your feet should be able to sit flat on the floor, and your thighs should be parallel with the ground. One way to find a chair that is the right height is to purchase a home office set that includes a chair and desk. A chair with an adjustable seat can also be a great option to get just the right height.

  • Lumbar support: The lower back is curved slightly inward, so the back of your desk chair should not be completely straight. Look for a desk chair that curves outward at the bottom of the back to provide adequate lumbar support. Consider a chair with an adjustable back height or angle for even more personalized comfort.

  • A comfortable seat: While sleek metal stools or wooden chairs have aesthetic appeal, they are not always the most comfortable to sit in — especially for hours at a time. Choose a desk chair with a soft cushion instead, or consider adding one.

  • Ability to swivel and roll: Depending on the type of floor you have in your office, you may want a desk chair with wheels, which will allow you to move around your desk more quickly when reaching for items or locating files. A chair that can swivel will also allow you to rotate without twisting and straining your body.

If you have a little extra in your budget, a high-quality desk chair is an excellent place to splurge. Finding a chair that fits your body will prevent pain and provide a more comfortable working experience.

Choose the Perfect Desk

Whether you love to spread out or prefer a compact workspace, look for a desk that suits your workflow. Choose a desk that has ample space to perform work tasks comfortably, without having so much space that it gathers clutter. You should also look for a desk that is the appropriate height, so you are not slouching to see your computer screen. There are a wide variety of desks available to suit any style, from classic computer desks to elegant executive desks. While some people prefer the simple appeal of a writing desk, others may love the ample storage of a desk with built-in cabinets or drawers. Browse around to find a desk that fits your work needs and style preferences.

Stay Organized in Style

If you want to prevent papers from piling up on your desk, be sure to include enough storage space in your home office. Think about the documents or tools you use most often and keep them accessible by storing them near your desk to maximize efficiency. Even when you are working with a small space, you can incorporate storage through floating shelves or hanging baskets. Here are a few options for adding storage to your home office.

  • Filing cabinets: This traditional office feature can work well if you have a lot of documents to sort and store. Office cabinets have come a long way from the classic gray filing cabinet, so you can find many stylish cabinets for your home office. You can also tuck a small filing cabinet under your desk to save space.

  • Baskets or bins: If you tend to stack papers wherever you find space, a basket or bin can be a great storage option to minimize clutter.

  • Bookshelves or floating shelves: When you have limited square footage, adding bookshelves or floating shelves optimizes your wall space by turning it into storage.>

  • Magazine racks: If you have a small number of files to store, a magazine rack is a space-saving option for your desk.

  • Cube storage: Fun and functional, cube storage can stack under or on your desk, or on shelves.

  • Hanging storage: When space is very tight, you can hang baskets or bins from the ceiling for storage. This tactic works especially well in a closet or nook office.

  • Desktop organizers: Use small boxes, jars or mugs to keep the top of your desk organized and your pens and pencils within reach.

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Let the Light In

The right lighting can help you stay focused and be productive all day long. Some home office owners make the mistake of tucking their desk in a dark corner and adding a lamp or two. Instead, try to embrace natural light in your home by placing your desk near a window. Studies have shown natural light in your workspace can help you sleep better at night, which means you will be well rested to tackle the next workday. Positioning your desk parallel to the window will prevent glare on your computer screen, while allowing you to gaze outside when you want to give your eyes a break. You may also want to add a few lamps for working later in the evening.

Add Your Personal Flair

Once you have found the right location and filled your home office with the essentials for success, you can begin adding your style to design a creative and inspirational space. From wall art to hanging plants, the options are endless for decorating your home office. Here are a few tips for how to create an awesome home office without sacrificing function.

  • Choose productive colors: Before painting your office in fluorescent pink or deep blue, make sure your wall color or pattern is one you will want to look at every time you sit down to work. Different colors can affect your mood differently, so choose colors that stimulate your creativity, keep you alert or help reduce stress.

  • Surround yourself with inspiration: Hang photos of your family or friends to boost your happiness, or frame your favorite inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. While it may be tempting to plaster your office with a million pictures you love, avoid adding clutter that can be distracting.

  • Keep it fresh: Over time, even your favorite decorations can become boring, so rotate your pictures and paintings to keep things interesting. You can also use chalkboard paint to create a blackboard wall that functions as a giant sketchpad for ideas, notes, and other inspiration.

  • Give yourself a break: Even the most dedicated professionals need to take a break every so often. If you have space, add a cozy couch or chair to your home office so you can relax during your downtime. A plush leather chair can also be the perfect spot for contemplation or reading.

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furnish your home office

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