Home Décor Trends for 2022

Living Room With Unique Décor

As we enter the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the home continues to be the center of activity for families nationwide. Since people spend more time at home, many homeowners have changed their existing décor to create a cozier, more welcoming atmosphere. Interior Furniture Resources provides quality home furniture rentals to homeowners in Pennsylvania and surrounding states to help them design their homes. Here, we discuss noteworthy décor trends of 2022 to aid in the decoration process.

Warm, Brown Colors

Many homes come standard with white or gray walls, which exhibit a cooler tone. While these colors may have been tolerable in the past, people now want warmer hues to make being indoors more comfortable. As a result, chocolate browns and light caramel tones will grow in popularity in 2022. Homeowners will paint their walls with warm brown colors and find accent pieces to match.

Maximum Décor

For a while, minimalism was a fashionable home décor choice. However, this style can make a home feel bare. To avoid an empty mood, homeowners are adopting maximalism, in which they fill their rooms with more décor pieces. Items frequently used in maximalist spaces include mohair, bullion fringe, or floral velvet designs.

Vintage Aesthetics

The pandemic has led to several significant issues with the supply chain, encouraging homeowners to shop locally for décor items. Small businesses and thrift shops often have unique pieces not found at furniture franchise stores, such as antique kitchenware and vintage accent tables. Additionally, DIY-lovers may use scraps from old items to build new furniture. As buying local increases, more homes will take on a classic look.

Curved Designs

Curvilinear designs have been trending for several years and likely will continue growing in 2022. Curves can lighten the mood in a room, making the space more comfortable for conducting work or enjoying a hobby. Homeowners should expect to see more people implementing rounded designs into the architecture, from windows and doors to kitchen counters and bathroom walls. Arched armchairs, circular couches, and other curved furniture also will be popular choices this year. Interior Furniture Resources offers a wide variety of rental furniture that can help you achieve the look you want, without breaking the bank.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Besides social gatherings, the pandemic also has kept people separated from the outdoors. In response, more homeowners are bringing nature inside by decorating their homes with various houseplants. You can expect to see more people buying or creating unique pots, hangers, and stands to add more life to their plant collections.

Another way homeowners are trying to connect with nature is by adding more sunlight to their rooms. Heavy curtains and drapes will become less common as people forsake privacy for more natural light. In new developments, contractors will install larger windows to entice potential homebuyers.

Spaces for Quiet Time

While remote working has made professional responsibilities easier, it has blurred boundaries between work and home. The entire house is no longer a space for rejuvenation; people must carve out specific rooms for relaxing and unwinding. As people continue working from home, more homeowners will repurpose rooms for making crafts, drawing, reading, and other hobbies.

Fresh Furnishings

You also can revamp your home with new furniture. Renting home furniture gives you access to stylish items without expensive down-payments. You can rent the pieces you need for as long as you need, further driving down cost. And if you want to refresh again, you can try other furnishings.

Decorate Your Home with Interior Furniture Resources

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