Flex Space: Rent Furniture to Make Transitions Easy

Rental furniture in a flex space used as a guest room

Recently, homes and businesses have gone through a period of transformation. Rooms have been reassigned and redesigned so many times that having a flex space that is easy to redesign has become a priority. Your home may have a room that’s been a home office, a play area, a yoga studio, and a decorated guest room in a quick sequence over the last few years. Or you may have a business adapting to hybrid work and the constantly changing space requirements of flexible teams. Creating a flex space with Interior Furniture Resources gives you the flexibility to redesign a room based on changing needs and plans.

One of the best ways to achieve easy transitions in your flex space is with rented furniture. You can stay on top of the styles and only commit to furniture for a few months at a time. We can help people create opportunities to redecorate and repurpose any room or office space in Pennsylvania and in parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Hosting Seasonal Guests

Seasonal guests are among the best reasons to seek rented furniture. Many people want to host their relatives in luxurious comfort over the holidays, but that takes a lot of year-round commitment to having a guest room. When you rent bedroom furniture, you can acquire elegant bed frames and luxurious mattresses for the length of time your family will be staying, and then return your flex space to your favorite configuration for hobbies, play, or personal storage that it maintains most of the year.

The same is true when hosting children over the summer break. Rented furniture can ensure you have just the right stuff every single year, even as the children or grandchildren in your life grow up summer after summer. You can even use the seasonal guest redesign as an inspiration to try different non-guest room styles every year hence.

Furnishing Your Flex Space in the Workplace

Employers have a great deal to gain from experimenting with flex space furniture rental. Modern workplaces often deal with employees who divide work from home with office time and with team workflow that are constantly in flux. You may have a few months where your team is mostly remote and then need a large collaborative space for the next project. You are also, ultimately, seeking the most ergonomic office design, which means changing anything inefficient.

Furniture rental makes that easy by allowing you to easily redesign the office floor plan with a new selection of furniture and to scale your furnishings based on team needs. Enjoy office design flexibility without needing to commit to one furniture set.

Home Office vs. Home Gym?

Over the last few years, many people have discovered the joys and challenges of working and working out at home. That extra room might be your home office, or it might be the perfect place for your home gym. Would you rather have a desk and a weight bench or a yoga mat and rowing machine?

For many families, the need for a home office vs. a home gym transformed with each new job or role reassignment. With children also doing homework and playing at home, the need for both dedicated office space and dedicated fitness space has become pronounced.

With rental furniture, you can seek that perfect arrangement and try a new style every few months. Or you can alternate between the home office and home gym based on your seasonal and circumstantial needs with no commitment to either design.

Experimental Flex Space Designs

At home or at work, renting furniture for your flex space also allows you to experiment. You can try different designs, layouts, types of furniture, and ways to use the room. You can leave the room open with weight racks and chalk to one side for a workout space or you can carefully create a Tetris office with interlocking desk modules. Also, you can build a break room, then tear it down and build a research lab using the same connections.

Rental furniture makes it easy to redesign and experiment with a space without committing to any one design.

Seasonal Living Room Redecorating

For those who love to decorate – and for industries where trends are always evolving – you can also use furniture rental to keep your living rooms and lobbies fresh. Living room design can change the way your entire home looks and feels. This, for some, is a great opportunity to experiment with many types of furniture and color palettes, and even to redecorate by the season.

If you’ve always wanted to swap out more than just the curtains when decorating for autumn, decking the halls for the holidays, sprucing up for spring, and brightening the summer decor, furniture rental is your chance to see your living room in every possible arrangement.

Not only can you invent a new magazine-worthy living room every season, but you can also help your living room stay responsive and ready for the seasonal needs of your family.

Contact Interior Furniture Resources to Get the Most From Your Flex Space

If your home or office has a space that is constantly being redesigned, why commit to permanent furniture when you can cycle through your best ideas? Furniture rental provides the ultimate flexibility for your flex-space design and ensures that you are always thinking of a new way to use the spare room for the greatest enjoyment of yourself and your family. Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and serves clients in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. We would be proud to be your furniture rental provider as you explore the decor potential of your flex space. Contact us today.