Emergency Housing and Furniture Rentals

Emergency Housing and Furniture Rentals

 You never know when disaster is going to strike. Whether you’re assisting a client who is dealing with a flood, a fire or an earthquake, you need the ability to find emergency housing quickly for the devastated family and to furnish that new home as fast as possible.

With nearly 50 years in the furniture business, IFR understands those needs. We can help you assist your customers during what’s likely the most stressful situation they’ve ever experienced. Not only have their possessions and their homes been damaged or destroyed, but they also need to find a new place to live, somewhere they will feel safe and comfortable following the recent chaos.

While your job may be to facilitate not just the finding of a new apartment and furniture but also to provide any other reassurance the family may need, IFR can make that job a bit easier with tools for apartment location and furniture rental.

How to Find Emergency Rentals

IFR can assist in finding emergency housing providers for your clients. The apartment locator service will take into account the special needs of the family, such as: 

  • Whether they have any petshome staging living room
  • Which school district their children are currently enrolled in
  • How many rooms they need to accommodate all family members
  • Where they work

IFR rental agents can comb through a wide selection of apartment rentals, funneling the list down to only the ones that are worth investigating, and saving you the time and hassle of finding these apartments on your own while also helping a family through a traumatic situation. The family in question may also want to be close to the old home if they are still trying to find a missing family member or want to track the progress of a rebuild. IFR talks to you in order to understand these details and will keep them in mind during the search.

Emergency Furniture Rental

Oftentimes after a natural disaster, insurance will reimburse a family for the furniture they lost. However, it can take a while for this money to come through, and in the meantime, the family will need somewhere to live, to sleep and to eat meals.

Our rental furniture offers the perfect answer for families in need of temporary solutions. They can rent sofas, beds, tables and more, in packages designed especially for them, with hassle-free quick delivery.

Then, when a family no longer needs rental furniture, IFR will return and pick it up. There’s never a worry over transporting the furniture, allowing your clients to relax and settle into their new space.

Assistance in the Most Difficult of Situations

Emergency situations cause a great deal of grief and stress. Provide your clients with a sensible furnishing solution and make your job easier by using IFR for your apartment location and furniture rental leads. By allowing IFR to assist in the need for emergency housing furniture, you can concentrate on helping your customers feel better and overcome the difficulty of their experience. They’ll find it calming and comforting to know you’re doing all you can to make it the transition into their temporary home easier.

Reach out to IFR today to find out more about the emergency assistance program.