Do You Need Expert Home Staging Advice?

Modern room with beautiful staging

When renting, selling, or just photographing your home, you want each room to look its best. You may have a realtor suggesting small, spindly furniture would look good when all your furniture is large and heavy. You might be hoping to create a certain vibe with a balance of color and material. Staging with furniture is an art form where each display is temporary by nature.

At Interior Furniture Resource, we understand that staging seeks to inspire viewers to see the best in a home or commercial space by showing them what elegant, perfectly chosen furniture could look and feel like in the space. And yet, at the same time, home staging seeks to leave a “blank canvas” feel to inspire buyers, future tenants, or viewers to write in their own dream use of the space as they see it. Interior Furniture Resources is based in Harrisburg, PA, and serves customers in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. We can help you stage any space.

When You Need to Stage a Space

The question is: What staging design is best for your space? If you’re not sure, you are not alone. Millions of people each year sell or rent successfully with the help of expert home stagers. If you need expert staging advice, we’re here to help you pick the perfect temporary furniture for your home or office staging project.

What Is Staging?

Staging is the art of arranging furniture in a room to achieve the desired effect. In the real estate world, it uses furniture to make each room look good and inspire buyers or tenants to envision a dream life in the space. Elegant, small furniture creates the biggest canvas, and the right color scheme can transform a room by highlighting different features.

Staging is artistic because it uses color, texture, and composition. It is cultural in the choice of furniture styles and colors that might appeal to buyer demographics. Home staging can also have a psychological element. Whether you add cocktail glasses on the deck or decorate a bedroom for children can subtly target buyer demographics and speak emotionally to the buyers who tour. The scene you set sets the stage for a buyer to see their own future in the space.

When Is the Best Time to Stage?

Staging is a strategy best used when you want to showcase the elegance and potential of a space. Hotels use staging when arranging a lobby to convey the luxury of the full venue, and many realtors report that staging is the best way to help buyers see a room instead of just empty walls and expansive floors. The best time to stage is when you are preparing a space to sell, rent, or present.

When Showing a Home or Building for Sale

The real estate market and home staging are closely linked. This is because, in residential or commercial properties, it can inspire your buyers to see the potential of a space. A few chairs and accent pieces can transform empty rectangles into rooms, nooks, offices, parlors, dining rooms, and dens. The difference between a bed and a yoga mat is all that psychologically lies between a spare bedroom and a private gym.

If you want buyers to envision the life they could lead in your home for sale or office space on the market, staging is your best strategy.

When Marketing a Space to Rent

Renting is another great moment to temporarily stage a space. Especially in higher-end real estate, staging can show your prospective tenants what they could soon be moving into. In some environments, you might even pass on the furniture with the rental lease for the next tenant’s use if they like what you’ve done with the staging design and want to move right in.

When Decorating for Public Spaces and Events

Staging is also a great strategy when you are planning for an event or decorating a high-traffic public space like a hotel lobby. The same intuition and eye for detail that can create artful “still life” staging arrangements can also help you create a truly artful atmosphere with furniture and decor for large corporate events. It is a great way to approach party planning, both in terms of aesthetics and the ergonomic flow of foot traffic.

Why Choose Rental Furniture for Staging Designs

The final element of home staging is that it is temporary. Staging before a home sale usually means keeping the house staged for a few months, at most. If the seller’s personal furniture is not ideal to stage the house with – or they’d like to use their furniture elsewhere at that time – then renting the right furniture to stage a house is the best solution. When the home is ready to sell, the essentially untouched furniture can return to the provider for the most elegant of possible solutions.

Rental furniture is also a smooth solution for rented spaces. This is because your rental provider can offer to renew the furniture lease in the name of your latest tenant. If you have an office tenant or even a residential renter who would like a furnished arrangement, you can simply keep your staging furniture or offer to share the convenience of an experienced furniture rental team for their own selections.

Hone Your Strategy With Expert Staging Advice

Knowing the right strategies is a good start, but you don’t have to have an artist’s eye for furniture arrangement to have a beautifully staged home or office. Interior Furniture Resources can connect you with expert home staging advice for any space in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. We can provide specific advice based on your floor plan, color scheme, and even the buyers you hope to impress with your design.

Interior Furniture Resources is here with expert advice and conveniently timed furniture rental to help you to achieve the beautiful home staging your space deserves. Contact us today.