Designing Your Home Office Layout

design home office layout

Whether you telecommute every day or you bring work home on the weekends, you need an efficient home office where you can maximize your productivity. If you have given little thought to the layout of this office space, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Smart home workers have a home office floor plan that helps them save time by limiting distractions and providing all the storage space they need. Sound appealing? Here’s how you can design a home office layout that really works for you.

Get Your Ideas Together

First, spend a few minutes thinking about what you use your office space for. Ask yourself:

  • How much time do I spend on the phone?
  • How much time am I working on the computer?
  • Do I need files to store important documents?
  • Do I require space where I can spread out my sales models or the project I’m working on?

Think of as many questions as you can, because this will help shape your approach to your workspace. Once you have a good idea of how you spend your time and what you need from your space, you can move on to planning.

Where Should My Home Office Be?

You may already have a home office space set up. But if it’s in the alcove next to the kids’ rooms and they keep interrupting you with requests to play Barbies or throw the baseball, this may not be the smartest location. Look around your house for other options. Away from the general hubbub of your home is best, so you can limit distractions.

Setting Up Storage

Most people have the basic supplies they need at their work station, such as pencils and staplers. But, they may neglect to find space for storage. You probably have papers you use daily for your job. Invest in a filing cabinet to keep them all straight. Measure what you’re buying first to make sure it fits snugly underneath or beside your desk.

Experiment With Furniture

Perhaps you’ve heard about the standing desks that are all the rage right now and you want to try one. Go for it. The beauty of a home office is you can play around until you find what works for you. Maybe you also want a big comfortable chair instead of a rolling one. Find the furniture that puts you at ease and in the mood to work. Listen to your inner voice on this.

These tips for home office design will help make you more productive when you telecommute. If you find yourself confused over how to find the right layout, you can always consult a professional to get it done.