Decorating Your First Home

A young couple shows the keys to their new home

Moving into your first home allows you to design a living space that matches your unique style and taste. However, this freedom can make it challenging to figure out how to begin decorating. At Interior Furniture Resources, we provide high-quality interior design furniture rentals to homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Here, we discuss several factors to ponder when decorating your first home.

Essential Design Tips

From choosing the right paint for the living room to figuring what light fixtures to include in the bathroom, there are various aspects to think about with home design. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, take the following strategies into account when decorating your rooms:

Start Small

Since you probably will live in your first home for a while, there is no need to decorate every room right away. Instead, live in the house without making changes for a few months. This step helps you distinguish between rooms that need immediate attention and projects that can go on the back burner for the time being.

Renovate Conservatively

Not every aesthetic issue needs complete renovation. In many cases, you can alter the appearance of a room with an inexpensive change. For example, painting or staining a faded cabinet can enhance your dining room significantly. Look for a simple fix wherever possible to save money for more intensive remodeling projects.

Prioritize the Bedroom

Since each day starts and ends in the bedroom, consider beginning the decoration here. When designing this room, choose a style that matches your lifestyle and personality. If you are an early bird, use bright paint and colorful décor pieces that enhance natural light. People who prefer night should choose deeper hues and thicker blinds to give the bedroom a dim, relaxing look. You also need to select a high-quality bed that suits the room dimensions.

Avoid Over-Matching

Stores often group furniture by color or theme to showcase a line, but this approach rarely looks appealing in a home. While some uniformity can bring order to your order, too many matching pieces can rob your space of individuality. At the same time, ensure your décor promotes balance. Cramming one space with too many furniture pieces and leaving another room empty can create an inconsistent appearance.

Implement Color for Harmony

While eclectic rooms showcase personal style, having some unity in your décor ensures your home looks organized. The most affordable way to bring a diverse space together is through color. If you have furniture pieces with different designs but they all utilize red, consider painting the walls a similar color or putting up matching curtains. This step will give your home a theme without making it appear flat.

Be Personal with Furniture

Remember, your first home is an opportunity to let your unique style and taste shine. After purchasing necessary furnishings, such as sofas and light fixtures, focus on accent pieces you find most appealing. For example, shop for area rugs or throw pillows with distinct designs. These items will add flair to the space and enhance the experience of owning your first home. Interior Furniture Resources offers a wide variety of rental furniture that can help you finish up your design, and renting means you don’t have to put down a big payment.

Attain Superior Home Furniture Rentals Today

First-time homeowners are often eager to give their space a personal style, but designing costs can add up quickly. If you want to decorate your home without going over budget, turn to Interior Furniture Resources for quality, cost-effective home furnishings. Customers throughout PA, MD, DE, NJ, VA, and WV rent bedroom sets, living room furniture, dining room pieces, and home office items from our extensive in-stock inventory. Contact us today to rent home furnishings or learn more about our services.