Hagerstown MD Furniture Rental

Hagerstown MD Furniture Rental

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Online Furniture Rentals for Hagerstown Homes

UrbanLivingRoomIf you’re staying in Hagerstown for a month, a year or a day, IFR’s furniture rental service can quickly and economically provide you with everything you need to make a temporary space more comfortable. From a studio apartment to an entire home, IFR has convenient packages available for every living situation. You can also choose from a large selection of extras including electronics, small appliances, kitchen linens and more. Renting furniture is an economical alternative to buying for students, people visiting Hagerstown for business and real estate agents in need of home staging props.

Renting Furniture From IFR

Since many of our customers are from out of town, IFR has made it easy to rent furniture from our website. There’s no need to visit our showroom in Harrisburg, you don’t even have to be there in person to accept delivery. All it takes is a few minutes online to begin the process:

  • Browse our selection of rental furniture packages, and select the style you want. IFR offers a quality selection of contemporary and classic styles from leading manufacturers.
  • Specify the size of the home or apartment you are renting. IFR provides packages tailored to one-, two-, three-bedroom units and larger.
  • Add any additional items from our “a la carte” menu. IFR has a large selection of bathroom and kitchen linen sets as well as other housewares available for rent.
  • Submit an application. After a quick review of your credit history, the IFR team will contact you to let you know you’ve been approved.
  • Submit a deposit. Your initial deposit is required to arrange a delivery time. Payment is accepted by check or credit card.
  • Once your deposit is received, IFR will contact you to arrange a time and place for delivery of your rental furniture.

The Space You Want for Less

OMNILivingRoom With IFR’s furniture rental service, you can arrive to a temporary space that has been fully set up for you in advance. It’s like renting a furnished apartment, but without the extra expense! No matter how long you will be in Hagerstown, renting furniture is convenient and cost effective. Discounts are available for longer rentals – contact IFR directly for more information.

Nearly 50 Years of Rental Excellence

Since 1966, IFR has been providing short and long term furniture rentals for anyone visiting Hagerstown for the long or short term. With savings up to 70% off the cost of buying new furniture, IFR lets you customize your temporary home with quality furniture at an affordable price. Committed to customer satisfaction, IFR is raising the bar on furniture rentals in Hagerstown and beyond. For more information about our complete list of services, call or email our team today!