Home Furniture Rental for Military Members

Home Furniture Rental for Military Members

IFR salutes the members of the military who have answered the call to service, helping to keep our nation safe. As a sign of respect and appreciation for those serving our country, IFR offers military discounts on rental furniture, as well as an apartment locator service to assist in relocation.

We recognize how hard it can be when you need to move every few years. You may not want to pull your existing furniture out of storage if you’ll only be in Central PA for a short time. Or you may regularly rely on furniture rental as a more affordable alternative to buying and shipping your furniture around the world, depending on where you’re serving.

You may also be on a temporary assignment without your family, who live elsewhere with all of your belongings. In this case, renting furniture for your short-term home makes more sense than buying new pieces that won’t be able to fit in your home when you’re reunited with those you love. That’s why IFR is thrilled to be able to help military members with rental pieces offering both practical and financial benefit.

Why Use Home Furniture Rental for Military Members?

In many cases, renting versus buying new furniture for military members simply makes sense. The advantages of this include: 

  • Convenience: You won’t need to move any furniture with you from your keys to a rental apartmentold house. Instead, just wait for IFR’s delivery team, who will have your home set-up before you arrive.
  • Great selection: At IFR, you’ll find exciting furniture options with character and style, helping your short-term home feel like a long-term one. Our options include furniture perfect for entertaining guests or filling out a bedroom where you can relax. We have beautiful options for every space.
  • Excellent prices: At IFR, we take care of military members because we value what they do for our country. IFR offers a discount as a sign of that respect.

Need Help Finding an Apartment Rental?

IFR also offers an apartment locator service to assist military members and their families with finding the ideal new home in Central PA. IFR can save you time by narrowing down the list of housing providers to include the those that offer what is most important to you, such as a top-notch school district or an urban or suburban location. When you give the parameters, IFR delivers options you’ll feel comfortable in and can afford.

Discuss Your Short-Term Military Furniture Rental Today

No matter how many times you’ve done it, moving to a new town always carries excitement and exhilaration. It’s fun getting to know the local culture and discovering the best restaurants, entertainment and adventure in your new location.

No doubt there’s a lot on your mind when you get to your new location. Let us take one thing off your plate by taking care of your furniture rental and offering you assistance through the apartment locator. Use IFR’s many resources to make your life a little easier and your transition a little more enjoyable. Contact us today to discuss furniture rental or apartment searches.