Furniture Rental for Athletes

Furniture Rental for Athletes

Furniture and Apartment Rental for Athletes

Interior Furniture Resources (IFR) is available to support athletes and their unique furnished housing needs. Professional, college and other athletes in sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball and many other sports may need to travel temporarily to take part in a season, conference or special tournament. When athletes travel, it’s imperative they stay comfortable so they can focus fully on performance. In many cases, renting furniture for a condo or short-term apartment makes the most financial sense, and will provide athletes with a comfortable space to live in privacy. 

Apartment Locator Service

How can teams or individual athletes find temporary housing that is safe, comfortable and secure? IFR offers an apartment locator service to help those in the athletics field find the right housing, in the right location and with the most desirable amenities. IFR’s rental specialists are familiar with the apartment communities in the Central PA area and beyond. They can offer practical advice and recommend several housing providers that have all the elements you’re searching for in an apartment.

By using the apartment locator service from IFR, athletes enjoy several advantages:

  • Save hours of time researching apartment options extensively
  • Focus on training and reduce time spent searching for the right apartment
  • Eliminate the need to travel far ahead of time, visiting multiple apartments in search of the proper accommodations
  • By providing IFR’s rental specialists with the general location, unit size and amenities you’ll need, you’ll be provided with several viable options, which will assist you in apartment selection process

Furniture, Housewares & Electronics for Athletes’ Apartments

IFR also offers furniture rental packages, complete housewares packages, and electronics for athletes to make the process even easier. A short-term furniture rental makes perfect sense, since athletes may only be on location for a short period of time, or may be transferred unexpectedly. Athletes can rely on IFR for assistance in setting up their temporary home, while keeping expenses to a minimum.

IFR is committed to offering seasonal furniture rentals for athletes. Renting furniture through our athletic program offers several benefits, including:

  • Preferred pricing. IFR offers preferred pricing for athletes, so they can find an entire package of furniture for a short-term rental without having to pay a premium.
  • Flexible rental terms. We understand your unique situation and give you the flexibility you need for early transfers.
  • Move-In Packages. IFR lets athletes select furniture individually or in convenient packages designed to get a space furnished fast. We also offer options for housewares and electronics, making your stay more convenient and comfortable.

If you’re an athlete on the go, you need to keep your head in the game. Let IFR take care of apartment scouting and furniture leasing when you are traveling to the area. We’ll make your temporary move easy & hassle free!