Furniture Rentals for Athletes

Furniture Rentals for Athletes

Living room furniture with table, couch, and chairGive your players the comforts of home in a short-term apartment or condo to help them stay relaxed and ready for game time. At Interior Furniture Resources, based in Harrisburg, PA, we help customers in Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia rent furniture and support the unique lifestyle of the traveling athlete. Find out more about our rental services and how they benefit sports players.

Our Furniture Rental Services

Whether you’re looking for apartment furniture for a weekend game or dorm furniture for a full sports season, renting makes it easy to craft the space you need. Interior Furniture Resources provides stylish and comfortable pieces at affordable prices. Customers can rent by room or package to find the options that satisfy the needs of athletic renters. Our collections feature the following options:

  • Bedroom furniture: Providing comfortable bedroom furniture helps athletes get a good night’s rest before big sporting events and early morning practices.
  • Dining room furniture: With a table and chairs, dining room sets allow space for athletes to fuel up and enjoy meals together.
  • Home office furniture: Desks, office chairs, and storage allow student-athletes to keep up with their classwork or study playbooks before big games.
  • Living room furniture: With sofas, loveseats, tables, and more, these packages allow athletes to relax between events in a living space that feels cozy.

To achieve a cohesive look throughout the space, renting furniture by the package is a great option. Packages like Omni, Encore, and Cambridge balance comfort and elegance and come complete with everything the average home requires. We also offer a Student Special package that’s ideal for dorms.

Benefits of Renting Furniture

Whether you’re from a college, school, or professional sports organization, we can cater to your needs. Working with a furniture rental company is a dependable way to ensure your spaces stay furnished without having to worry about finding matching pieces. Choosing Interior Furniture Resources when you need to support athletes comes with special perks, such as:

  • Preferred pricing: Short-term rentals at affordable prices work well for tournaments and weekend stays.
  • Flexible terms: If a loss will send you home early, your rental plan can adjust to your schedule.
  • Special packages: Renters can pick furniture individually for customization or in sets for convenience.
  • Optimize available space: Our rental furniture is available in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to cater to the layout of any condo, dorm, apartment, or house.

Interior Furniture Resources even offers rental electronics and houseware packages. These include artwork, kitchen essentials, linens, and other necessities, helping you create an atmosphere filled with the personal touches your athletes prefer.

Apartment Locator Service

When travel is a big part of your athletes’ lifestyle and temporary housing is essential, the specialists at Interior Furniture Resources are available to assist. Our apartment locator service helps teams and individual athletes find safe and comfortable places to live. We can help make sure they’re staying in a place that allows them to remain focused and well rested, so they can perform at their peak on the court or field. Our apartment locator service helps coordinators in the following ways:

  • Maximize time: With less time spent apartment hunting, you can dedicate more focus to your athletes and the overall plan for the season.
  • Make custom arrangements: Whether it’s for a short period or an entire year, this service is dedicated to getting renters into the housing that suits them best.
  • Choose from reliable results: This useful tool is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the area, as it allows them to find a reliable apartment without missing key details.

Choosing the Interior Furniture Resources apartment locator service helps those in and around central Pennsylvania find suitable spaces to call their own. Our rental specialists will look into your preferred location and evaluate the options based on your choice of unit size and amenities. In most cases, prospective renters will be offered a few options to consider.

Find Rental Furniture for Sports Player Housing

Whether you’re a team manager looking to accommodate your players or an individual athlete on the move, it’s easy to arrange a comfortable and inviting place to call home – even if it’s only temporary. Interior Furniture Resources specializes in providing elegant rental furniture that suits different lifestyles and budgets. We serve customers in Pennsylvania, as well as parts of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia, and are proud of our top rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). For more information on locating apartments or our affordable rental agreements, contact us today.