Creating the Perfect Home Office

Woman having a virtual meeting in home office

Your home office is the place where you sit down and get to business. Whether you use it to work remotely, freelance, or manage your household budget, your home office should be conducive to the work you do each day. Here, Interior Furniture Resources, a leading provider of interior design furniture rentals in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia, outlines some of the best ways to create the perfect home office.

Balance Comfort with Productivity

Your office should feel comfortable enough to work in, especially if you spend eight hours per day at your desk. Finding an ergonomic desk chair with lumbar support can ease back, leg, and neck strain. Whether you’re typing reports or video conferencing, the right office chair should keep you at ease no matter what’s on the agenda. Desk chairs are available with multiple features that can help you achieve the ideal sitting position, such as:

  • Tilt/tilt lock
  • Backrest height
  • Seat height
  • Armrest height
  • Recline

Aside from adjustments, look into office chairs that have ample cushioning and foster breathability. These models are designed to keep working professionals cool and comfortable during long work hours.

Give Yourself Plenty of Room to Work

As the focal point of your home office, the desk is arguably the most important piece of furniture in the room. While many home offices require a simple rectangular desk, other desk configurations can provide a host of benefits to professionals:

  • U-shaped desks: Sleek and spacious, these desks provide ample room to spread out. They also can be used to separate work and meeting areas, making it easier to organize your workspace.
  • L-shaped desks: Similar to the U-shaped desk, this style fits neatly in a corner and offers a generous amount of workspace. Many models also can be configured for right- and left-handed users.

If you’re short on square footage, a smaller desk or table can be just what you need to carve out a dedicated workspace in your home.

Don’t Skimp on Storage

The key to staying organized and focused is having enough office storage to minimize the clutter. While many desks have integrated drawers for keyboards and office supplies, others can be fitted with hutches that offer additional storage options. Pairing your desk with a bookcase or cabinet is a great way to keep supplies neatly tucked away, and file cabinets provide a dedicated spot to house important documents. Many file cabinets also can fit neatly beneath a desk to help conserve floor space.

Please the Eye

Just because the work you do in your home office isn’t always interesting, it doesn’t mean the space has to reflect that attitude. Your home office should feel warm and welcoming – a true reflection of your style. A few personal touches can go a long way in designing the perfect home office, such as:

  • Wall art and mirrors: Hanging artwork is a great way to add visual interest to your space and highlight your taste in décor. Mirrors also can help make a smaller space feel bigger.
  • Lighting: The right lighting helps you see clearly and can be used as a strategic decorating element.
  • Credentials and awards: Your home office is the perfect place to put any credentials or awards you’ve earned on display.
  • Family photos: Family photos can serve as a reminder of the purpose of your work and add a personal touch that helps you feel at home.

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