Create a Workspace in ANY Home


Whether you live in a castle or a condominium, you can create an efficient and attractive home office. When your space is limited, get creative and start taking inventory of how well you’re utilizing your current space. By reimagining your available space in a new way, you may discover the perfect setting for your home office has been there all along.

The right furniture and a bit of elbow grease can help you carve out a place where working from home is enjoyable and practical. Here are four home office design ideas you can implement in your home.

  1. Convert Storage Space

Your home may not have an extra room, but undoubtedly you have storage space. This can easily convert into a home office. A simple office will only need room for a desk, chair and computer. Clear out any clutter and consolidate the remaining items to make a comfortable working area.

You can fashion an office from storage space found:

  • Under the stairs
  • In a closet
  • In a shed
  • In an attic
  1. Take a Time Out

Corners are for more than just misbehaving toddlers. You can find reasonably priced corner desks that slip into the side of a room. Corners can be difficult to decorate and usually have little practical space. A corner desk for your home office is a smart way to turn unworkable space into something work-focused.

  1. Try Out the Bedroom

Some people resist working in the bedroom, but many bedrooms have unused space. If your floor plan allows, you could try placing your desk at the foot of the bed so it has a smaller footprint within the room. A bedroom office is helpful when you need a quiet place to make business calls, especially if you have children, or are entertaining visitors.

  1. Land on the Landing

Many landings have unused space that’s too small for chairs or couches but too big to leave unfurnished. It’s the perfect place to put a desk. You could even squeeze in a bookcase, which you can stock with your family’s favorite books as well as your work files.

Implementing these small office ideas can help you find the room you need for your work in your home. The best part is, these small offices tuck out of sight easily when you’re relaxing with your family and don’t want to worry about work.


photo credit: Not Another Desk Setup via photopin (license)