Student Housing Solutions

A Student In An Apartment

The atmosphere of your living space influences your work ethic, so be sure to create a student apartment that will set you up for a successful academic year. You can turn a blank canvas of an apartment into a beautiful space that encourages you to put your best foot forward. Interior Furniture Resources, a company that offers student furniture rentals …

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How to furnish a short term rental

Being on the road for work, school, travel or other commitments can be a challenge — but one of the best feelings is walking into your new apartment and feeling at home. Coming back to a place that’s comfortable, relaxing and furnished allows you to feel at ease. Wherever you live and for however long, having somewhere to call home …

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Although many university students choose to live on-campus, some do consider the value of off-campus living. After all, there are many advantages to being off-campus. At the same time, there are certain disadvantages of living off-campus, too.

If you’re trying to determine the benefits of living off the college campus, it’s crucial to consider the inherent pros and cons of …

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