Office Design

design home office layout

Whether you telecommute every day or you bring work home on the weekends, you need an efficient home office where you can maximize your productivity. If you have given little thought to the layout of this office space, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Smart home workers have a home office floor plan that helps them save time by …

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Top Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

Is the layout of your office hurting your team’s productivity? Most people don’t invest the time needed to properly layout their workspace. But poor office planning can impact your team in negative ways. You may be encouraging too much individual thinking when your employees should be thinking like team players, or vice versa.

Here are the top office design mistakes …

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Whether you live in a castle or a condominium, you can create an efficient and attractive home office. When your space is limited, get creative and start taking inventory of how well you’re utilizing your current space. By reimagining your available space in a new way, you may discover the perfect setting for your home office has been there all …

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Make Workspace Efficient

The environments around us play a major role in our productivity and overall happiness. We spend so much time and money to create a space we love at home, but what about the place that we spend on average 45 hours per week? With such an important role in our lives, our workspaces have the power to transform the way …

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