Moving Tips

renting vs buying furniture

In times of transition, you may find yourself with an empty home or apartment you need to fill with furniture. Buying new furniture can be time-consuming and expensive, but transporting your old furniture to your new place may be even more of a hassle — especially if you are moving far away. Renting furniture can be a perfect solution to …

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Congratulations! You’ve finally located the perfect apartment that you’ve been dreaming of. As moving day approaches, you couldn’t be more excited about making the space your own. However, you’ve quickly discovered that the amount of storage space you need is a bit more than your dream apartment offers. What are you to do?

Many apartments have minimal storage space. They …

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Tips for Quick & Efficient Unpacking After a Move (1)

Moving is tough. Dragging boxes and heavy furniture to the truck, driving it all the way to your new destination and then unloading makes for a day of back-breaking work. Upon bringing in the last box, you’ll probably feel like rejoicing, but wait a moment on uncorking the celebratory champagne. You have a lot of unpacking to do.

Fortunately, …

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